What's your Trailer Trash Name?

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  1. Go to this site:


    Click on Fun House and then get your name!

    Mine is Mary Jane Bumsuck
  2. Hello all, Im Bobbie Sue Bumsuck.:roflmfao:
  3. LOL!! Mine is Peggy Sue Crossbones
  4. DH is Dwayne Whipple!!
  5. LOL! I'm Mary Jane Bendover.
  6. Just call me Beulah Crossbones
  7. We must be sisters. I'm betty Rae Bendover
  8. We must be sisters too!! :lol:
  9. peggy sue loolover
  10. And mine is Jolene Sweetlips!!
  11. Buffy Hornbuckle. Nice :p
  12. Brody 'The Blade' 'The Man'.

  13. OMG

    Tullulah Sue Cornsucker :wtf:
  14. haha. That's great :biggrin:
  15. Howdy y'all, I'm Jolene Bumsuck!