what's your top 5 fave tv series ever?

  1. Friends
    Law & Order: SVU
    + 6. TBBT
  2. Army Wives
    Law and Order:SVU
    Cosby Show
    Grey's Anatomy

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  3. I can remember getting our first TV and I fell in love with Perry Como (and everyone is asking who is that???) so I watched these as originals.

    The Dick Van **** Show (added: appparently this wonderful actor's last name is forbidden; I get it, but I think it's dumb when it's his real name)
    The Twilight Zone
    I Love Lucy
    Murder, She Wrote
    NYPD Blue, the seasons until Jimmy Smits left

    current favorite is Revenge
  4. - Seinfeld
    - Sex & the City
    - Curb Your Enthusiasm
    - Breaking Bad
    - Golden Girls
  5. This is so hard! Here goes:

    Golden Girls
    Sex & the City
    Sons of Anarchy
    L.A. Law

    And one more - (loved it as a kid) The Incredible Hulk
  6. I would like to amend my list.

    knock out sex and the city and add ally mcbeal.
  7. Three's Company
    What About Brian
    The Good Wife
    Sex and The City
  8. Rome!!!!
    Desperate housewives
    Spartacus blood and sand
    The Tudors.
  9. Sex & The City
    Mad Men
    True Blood
    The Walking Dead
  10. Tough one, but I think:

    Sex and the City
    Arrested Development
    Modern Family
    The Walking Dead
  11. Friends
    Sex And The City
    A Different World
    Will And Grace
    Criminal Minds
  12. No particular order.

    Dick Van Dy.ke Show
    West Wing

    There are too many, really..... I hate to leave off Seinfeld, Rome, The Tudors, Magnum PI (i used to love that stupid show), Dallas, I Love Lucy, but I guess my list is shows I would tune to and not click away if they were on...More: Mad Men, sex in the city, CSI miami, Criminal Minds, cheers, frasier M*A*S*H, star trek TNG, firefly...my real list would be so long!!
  13. Breaking Bad - best show ever! my absolute favorite :smile:
    Game of Thrones
    Walking Dead
    Dexter - my 1st love out of all these :smile:

    honorable mention - Homeland

    I guess I never really followed a series until I started with Dexter!
  14. My top five are:

    Sex and the City
    I Love Lucy
    Beverly Hills, 90210
    Mad Men
  15. Happy Days
    Cosby Show
    Sex and the City
    (Soprano's/Six Feet Under/Curb/Walking Dead!)
    ...sorry, couldn't help it...!