what's your top 5 fave tv series ever?

  1. mine would be (not in order) :
    • carnivale
    • star trek the next generation
    • friends
    • the big bang theory
    • twin peaks
  2. The Good Wife
    Breaking Bad
    The Shield
  3. Five isn't enough....

    WKRP in Cincinnati (many will not remember this show, but it was one of a very few sitcoms that never jumped the shark!)
  4. Ill try but im not sure 5 is enough. In no particular order:

    White Collar
    Gilmore Girls

    But i have alot more to add, lol.
  5. White collar
    Ugly Betty
    Pretty little liars
    Vampire diaries
  6. This is an awesome thread...and it is going to embarrass me I'm sure... I'm only 32, but I am a HUGE classic TV fan and associate old shows with old memories... Here are some...

    I Love Lucy
    The Big Bang Theory
    Who's the Boss?
    Sex and the City
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  7. The old episodes of Law & Order
    Sex & the City
    Murder, She Wrote
    Are You Being Served?

    Honourable mentions: The Andy Griffith Show, Matlock, Unsolved Mysteries (with Robert Stack), American Justice on A&E & Keeping Up Appearances
    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    2. Angel
    3. One Tree Hill
    4. Dollhouse
    5. Battlestar Galactica

    Game of Thrones will probably knock BSG off the list soon if it keeps being this good.
  8. The Cosby Show
    My So-Called Life
    The Practice
    The Good Wife

    Honorable Mention: Lipstick Jungle, Girlfriends
  9. downton abbey
    six feet under
    my so-called life
    the cosby show
    sex and the city (maybe...)
  10. I'm really showing my age here but....

    Hart to Hart
    The Rockford Files
    Quincy, ME
    Law & Order

    *it's really hard to just pick five!
  11. the king of queens
    the vampire diaries
    desperate housewives
    beverly hills, 90210

    I had a very hard time picking just five!

  12. I remember WKRP and I loved it! I saw every single episode!
  13. I have some honorable mentions, too:

    Miami Vice
    Cosby Show
    Desperate Housewives
    Two and a Half Men (even with Ashton, it's still on my list!
  14. Oh, man. I watch a lot of television. Let's see ... No order:

    Criminal Minds
    Vampire Diaries
    Prison Break
    Burn Notice
    Law and Order: SVU

    Criminal Minds is definitely my favorite right now. I'm hooked.