What's your TOP 3 FAVORITE sub-forum on tPF?

  1. I did do a search on this topic but did not find it ...

    But I'm really curious ... I've visited most of the sub-forums and they are all pretty interesting. So ladies and gents, which top 3 (or more) sub-forum do you frequent the most or your favorite?

    Mine would be:

    Louis Vuitton:love:
    Handbag Showcase:heart:
    General Discussion:tup:
  2. Mine:

    General Discussion
    Up to the Minute
    Relationships & Family

    Board Games
  3. - ChaneL
    - Jimmy Choo
    - Louis Vuitton
  4. The Beauty Bar
    Christian Louboutin (sub-forum of The Glass Slipper)
    General Discussion
  5. LV
    General Discussion
  6. LV
    General Discussion
    The Kitchen
  7. General discussion
    up to the min.
  8. General
    Relationships & Family
    Pregnancy & Parenting
  9. General Discussion
    Jewelry Box
  10. Vuitton
    Blog Entries
  11. Up to the minute
    Geberal Discussion
    Relationships and Family

    Although I am all OVER all the threads in the Playground.
  12. General discussion
    Family& relationship
  13. - Blog Entries
    - General Discussion
    - Jewelery
    - Animalicious -- sorry, I coudn't limit it to three!
  14. - General Discussion
    - Louis Vuitton
    - Beauty Bar/The Kitchen