What's your thoughts on the rouge noir Bayswater?

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  1. I'm very taken with this bag but don't know much about this type of leather. Do you think it will wear/age well?

    Do you think it's overpriced? £650 seems alot to me but I've only been interested in Mulberry for 18 months so this may seem a reasonable amount compared to other similar bags.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    TIA ;)
  2. It has really taken my fancy too and I am looking forward to seeing it IRL soon. £650 is quite a sum of money so I would also be very interested in others thoughts on its quality/durability. How would it compare to other patents??
  3. I haven't seen one in real life, sounds fantastic though.
  4. I guess all patent bags will wrinkle with use, maybe if its wrinkled patent leather the wear and tear and use will be less obvious, maybe thats what mulberry is trying to achieve!? I expect to see Fearne Cotton with one of these soon, she loves her patent Mulberries!
  5. I'm going in tomorrow for a swatch !!
  6. I absolutely love purple, so I'm in lust with the rouge noir!
  7. I think the color is just gorgeous. Purple but not too purple- great to accessorize. And of course, the bayswater is a beautiful shape ...
  8. I personally don't like patent leather in Bayswater but that's just me. The Rouge Noir colour however is TDF!! I'm in love with that beautiful dark deep purple, although I don't know how it turns out in real life since we don't have any Mulberry stores in here.

    If money is no object, I would snap that Ostrich Rouge Noir Bayswater in a second! Sigh!
  9. I thik it looks just perfect in pics Tiree but haven't seen one IRL. I have never been to a Mulberry shop and don't expect John Lewis will ever get one.
  10. Lovely colour I'm sure but for me I can't justify to have both rouge noir & plam glace (this is my mental tactics to restrict myself!)

    I'm having hope for winkled patent Bays (as Orkney wrote above) but for mono leopard!
  11. Love the colour, love Bays, but not sure how I would love it in that leather....I need to see one IRL to be sure about it. Don't know what the chances are of finding one here though...
    Then the price tag, which is quite steep...
  12. I'm hoping they bring out a NVT version in rouge noir! Think the colour is great but not keen on patent personally.
  13. Ive actually found myself really liking the look of this bag and I'm not normally a patent person. I will definitely look into it but I would need to see and feel the bag before I purchased. Also I would really have to ask myself if I would really use one.
  14. Ali, that's the question that is stopping me for driving back down to Glasgow to buy one.

    How do I find out if they are going to make this colour in different leathers?
  15. i like the sound of the makes as it sounds rather gothic, but i thought it would be more dark red rather than purple