Whats your thoughts on Silver Silverado?

  1. Just about to buy one - what does everyone think? Good buy/bad buy?
  2. I'm not really a fan of the silverado despite having owned 2 in the past!
    It didn't really make it as a classic and has very poor resale value now. However, this should not dissuade you from getting it if you love it.
    On a practical note you need to assess if it fits your lifestyle and how often you'll carry it. Those were the reasons why I parted ways with mine.
  3. BTW - I preferred the python to the the plain leather silverados
  4. did you not use it much? did you then sell them on?
  5. i was wondering the same thing. they sell it on NAP for 50% less but i'm not sure if it's a great every day bag...
  6. Hi Rosemary

    THat is exactly why I am asking - have the item in my shopping bag but not really sure so looking for some expert advice here
  7. It wasn't for me. It didn't fit on my shoulders comfortably and felt odd handheld. I had the traditional silverado and not its later reincarnations.
    The whole aesthetic didn't really fit my "look" or wardrobe and so I sold it. Luckily, I didn't lose too much although it still hurt.
  8. i think it depends on your wardrobe and the occasions you're going to wear it. 50% less is so tempting, but i'm still so undecided. hmmmmmm...
  9. The good thing about NAP is that you can always send it back if you don't like it ;)
  10. thats true, i guess for me I do like it but wonder if it will be a two wear wonder.... plus k
  11. sorry dont know what happened there as I was saying i'm not sure just how much I would use it and was interested in seeing peoples views. The main thing for me at the mo is that I have spent a fortune this week on 2 new bags - fendi b and a large paddington and I think if I hadnt then I would take the risk on this silverado
  12. Oh exciting - what Fendi B did you get? I just got the all tan medium it's fantastic isn't it?

    Back to Chloe.. are you a metallics girl? It's just not the style of the bag it's the added twist of the unusual colour.
  13. Hi estile

    Its the tan fendi b with the black patent - not the all leather one. I'm not sure if it is a medium or not - need to measure that one out. Re the metallics, I dont own a metallic bag at all and think that I do want one so I thought that I would get a decent make but do agree with you that it is an unusual colour on an already unusual bag - I just dont know what to do!!!!!
  14. I would just get it to have a look at if you're undecided. The most you'll lose is the shipping fee (probably about a tenner) if you decide to return it (free return shipping is great). You can keep it for a little bit and see how it blends with your style. Good Luck.

    I am assuming you're in the UK. Did you get your B bag from Browns? It has the cheapest prices at the moment.
  15. I like the bag. It looks good in the pic with the model carrying it. I think you should get it at that price. Maybe I should get one too. lol