What's your take on the mini?

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  1. Now that's it's been around for a few years (since it's come back) and it's still highly wanted and sought after, what do you chanel lovers and experts think about it?

    It seems like everyone (most of people) are collecting more minis now.. bloggers, instagrammers and even us tpf members. And to be honest not only in Chanel but other brands too like Dior are selling lots and lots of minis!

    My collection consists of a jumbo, an old medium boy, 3 wocs, 1 square mini and just recently o added a rectangular mini.. while small bags are pretty functional to me, im wondering if they will still look good after many years.. I'm specifically also wondering if I should've gotten a m/l instead of my last mini just to add variety as both would be as functional and would fit my lifestyle.

    I started this thread for us to chat and share opinions and I'd love to hear what you have to say.. Do you still think it's still just a trend?

    What are your thoughts in general?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I hope I'm expressing my thoughts clearly.. I wanted to say that I'm a minimalist and my lifestyle can accommodate all the different sizes but I would also love to own a bigger bag just for the "look" and variety.. that's why I'm factoring out functionality :smile:
  3. Bumping this.. or maybe moderators or members can guide to me a similar discussion thread
  4. Hi, try the mini mini mini thread for all things mini
  5. I really like the mini and found it works best for my lifestyle, so much so that I am in the process of selling most of my bags to create a bag collection of "only" 10-15 bags max (including bags for travel, totes, clutches, etc) That being said, even with that "small" number, my collection includes 1 WOC, 1 mini rectangle, and I'd like to add one more of each (an additional WOC and a mini square.)
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  6. Interesting thread, thanks for starting it. We are definitely in a small handbag trend right now, right across the brands. I don't know if in the future small bags will continue to be the it thing like they are now, but there will always be a place for them and I don't think that they will look outdated. I don't get the appeal, personally. Anything smaller than a m/l is too small for me for regular use, evening or day.
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  7. Thank you for the replies and looking forward to reading more opinions :smile:

    Personally the number 1 reason I like to go with the minis and the wocs is that they are the most versatile.. for me I can easily dress them up or down and this makes me use them so much more! Being a minimalist ofcourse makes this doable and practical.
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  8. I had two rectangular minis but sold them for a square mini instead. I love that the chain strap is shorter since I'm only 5'2".
    In addition to my square mini, I also have 2 wocs, 3 M/Ls, my camel boy, and (soon a black boy). I do tend to grab my wocs and mini more often. I used to have a beige Clair and dark grey Jumbo which I sold since I felt it looked too oversized for me and the weight of the chains was not pleasant.
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  9. Just my opinion, but I think the mini is popular right now due to its current "trendiness" and cost. The WOC and mini are half the cost of a regular classic flap.

    Since its more trendy right now (plus cheaper) I see why its so popular
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  10. #10 Nov 4, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2016
    I think it really depends on you as a individual. I've never considered the "Mini" or smaller bags a trend. I'm totally opposite, but then again, I'm a pretty weird person. Haha. I have always preferred small bags and purchased medium/larger that are trending.

    I've had my medium for a year now, and pretty much have only used her twice for a few hours. My everyday bag since I could remember are my smaller Louis Vuittons; like the keys class, mini pochette, or Favorite PM. And even the favorite PM has more than enough space. I find myself putting things in my purse I didn't need, just to make it feel less empty, haha.

    I've been waiting for my CHANEL mini since I've converted over to the brand. I don't factor in the cost, if I can afford it, I buy it. If I was given only one choice, I'd pick my mini 3 times over my medium. I only purchased/keeping my medium because it's an "iconic classic".
  11. I purchased a brand new rectangular mini in lambskin with shiny RHW earlier this year. I was fascinated by the hype. Since I had never seen one in-person, I was very concerned that I was missing out. Mind you, I had only purchased jumbo classic flaps and tote bags from Chanel, plus various SLGs, up to this point.

    Immediately upon arrival, I prepared to have the little "lovely" sent straight back to my SA. :sad:

    The mini simply does not fit "my" lifestyle. Without a doubt, it is absolutely adorable! And I had even purchased additional SLGs to downsize my long wallet, etc. to prepare myself for its smaller capacity.

    I have ALWAYS been and forever will be, for better or worse, a medium-large handbag type-o-gal. For me, the mini did not feel substantial enough for me to justify the price. Yet, when I fall in love with a new jumbo classic flap (almost double $$$), I somehow, in my crazy brain, feel that I am getting more "bang-for-my-buck".

    By all means, my experience does not make purchasing a mini "wrong" for others, it is just not the "right" purchase and/or handbag for me. :smile:
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  12. For me, l never looked at a mini or woc until this year! When I was saving and obsessive over Chanel, I only imagined a classic jumbo. Haha
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  13. It's nice to read all your thoughts and experiences.

    Thanks for replying :smile:
  14. I've always used smaller bags (I've even used various clutches as my day bag) so when mini bags became such a trend, it was really great for me!

    I don't carry much with me. During a weekend day or even when going out at night, I only carry: my house and car keys (two keys), my DL, a credit card and a debit card, some cash (no change), and a chap stick and maybe blotting papers. And of course, my iPhone. I've never brought along makeup bc I've never had the need to touch up. But I have lots of friends who do, and I can see how that takes up a lot of room. So all that I carry fit into a mini (and even smaller bags), with room to spare.
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  15. Its funny with the mini bag trend. When I was younger, I always went for a large bag, the larger the better. If you asked me 3 years ago what bag I wanted from Chanel, it would have been the Cerf tote or the GST or the jumbo. As I've gotten older, I've come to realise that the bigger my bag, the more junk I stuff into it.

    I remember carrying a longchamps le pliage tote during university days and bags like the lv neverfull right after and I was literally carrying my life with me (my entire skincare regimen (was always switching between my parents house and the boyfriends), my entire makeup routine, laptop, ipad, phone, textbooks whilst at uni and paperwork at work, probably enough snacks for all my co-workers and myself :P), honestly, I still have a dent in my right shoulder from those bags....

    These days, I pretty much just carry phone, keys, coin purse/full size wallet and a cardholder. There's the occasional lipstick or rollerball perfume I chuck in but that's it and you know what, I don't miss any of the other stuff, probably helps that since then, I drive on a daily basis now. The mini is one of my favourites, fits everything I need, and the largest bag I own is the small givenchy antigona (reserved purely for business trips). My shoulder and back are forever grateful for the change in my lifestyle choices.:angel:

    Regarding the hype of the mini flap, I think its the fact that mini bags are very on trend but also the fact that for a Chanel that is literally a downsized medium flap, if I dare say it, its actually kind of (in luxury terms) affordable. Its only slightly more than a WOC but is an actual bag. Perhaps its also a case of the heart wants it cannot have.

    For me, regardless of whether the mini is on trend or not, its still one of my favourite size bags. Its something I can wear casually or for a night out, easy hands-free bag when worn cross body, and just functional.
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