What's your take on Suede?

  1. Would you purchase an H bag in Suede? How difficult is it to use and maintain? :shrugs:
    I always feel that it's almost impossible to use suede in Singapore given the humidity.... Am I right to think that? :confused1:
  2. I have a vintage H suede bag that even though it was over 20 years old, still looked pretty good. I also own two pair of suede H shoes and a pair of suede H gloves. If you take care of it, then it would not be unlike any other leather. The good thing about suede, is that you can pick up commercial suede cleaner/eraser and a brush and do home cleaning. I have done so with mine. 90% of the time that will work for getting most dirt off of suede.
  3. There is a suede Birkin on eBay right now. I think it's pale gray with navy (could be wrong on the gray) and it is great in that it's a novelty, but it will probably get very dirty very fast! And worn suede corners could be a problem IMO. Never had one though. Planning a purchase?
  4. gorgeous, luxe, beautiful, impractical. those are my thoughts.
    i agree with quinn's mom that there are pros to suede, for sure, but it would fall under that category of needing some degree of special attention and you have to decide if you are willing to give it that.
    funny, i view it as fragile yet i own and love suede shoes, prefer them even. curious.
  5. That is what I use my suede brush for. My shoes and gloves get "flattened" or "rubbed" parts all the time..Two seconds with the suede brush going against the grain...good as new!!!!
  6. :graucho:
  7. :yes: Mine too!! They are just beautiful, aren't they? Which is why they are so hard to resist.
  8. Thanks QM, now I know what to do.....
  9. tricia, I don't think I'll do a suede bag (in any brand) in our weather.
  10. ^^ Hihi Queenie!! :heart::heart:

    I know... But you know, the saying 'once bitten, twice shy' just doesn't work for me. U should have seen a suede Chanel bag I had... totally disgusting :throwup:, well ok, I did not take very good care of it. But suede is really so, so, so :love:... KWIM?
  11. Oh goodness, unless it's the interior of a bag, I can never do suede. Especially w/ a curious pup that adores the smell of leather. Why just imagine the wet nose marks!
  12. I don't like suede at all. It all started with a pair of shoes that I abso-bloody-lutely loved and then I spilled my milk. On top of them. NEVER able to remove the stain. So I just stay away from suede now, that's how much it hurt lol.
  13. Terrified of it. Would never wear it for fear of ruining it.
  14. ^^^ Ditto
  15. I always worry about the color transfere. Some fabrics, denim for instance. If it's a dark color...and it gets wet it can transfere color. Unfortunately I know this from experience. Wasn't an Hermes bag though.