What's your system for changing your bags?


Jan 5, 2013
Assuming that most of you have more than one handbag :graucho:, what's your system for changing from one to the other? How often do you change, do you change all SLGs as well?

I, for instance, love the procedure of getting a different bag out of its storage, filling everything in and having a new look, so I'm doing this quite often, depending on my mood/the weather/the occasion. Also I always have two bags in use, a larger one that carries all my stuff, and a smaller one for the essentials needed when going shopping, walking the dogs etc. The only SLG I ever change is the purse, independently from the bag. My pochettes and keyring always remain the same.

Right now, with the weather around here being AWFULL, I carry my Speedy B 30 DE plus my brand new Alexander Wang Mini Rockie ('cause no matter how hard I try I can't decide which Alma BB to get first :Pullhair:smile:

And you??


Celebrate Everything
Sep 4, 2011
For me, living in PNW it always depends on whether its raining or not. If its rain free than it depends on what I am wearing. I like to match. Sometimes I will change bags every day. I have a big closet though, so everything is laid out. I don't keep anything in boxes nor dust bags, I have some dust bags lightly draped over some bags. (I changed my daughters old room into a huge walkin room closet, so my bags are on shelves, slgs in drawers, etc...) - I sold most of my bag charms and slg's. I just am a 1 wallet girl. Taking out cards and stuff is kind of a hassle to me. I do have an epi card cles w/ id & bank debit that stays in wallet but if my bag is a small one, then I just take the card cles and leave big wallet behind. HTH


Jan 26, 2013
I used to have spring/summer bags + matching SLGs and then autumn/winter bags and matching SLGs and in addition a few smaller evening bags. Then I realized it was ridiculous to have those bags just sitting on the shelf for half a year at a time, so I have sold everything and started over, this time aiming at all of my bags being year-round bags. I plan to have 4 daytime/work bags to be rotated weekly, so I only carry one bag for 1 week each month. The SLGs I now have are one set to be used all the time, and I might get another set later for variety, but changing those often is just too much of a hassle.


Apr 11, 2015
I change purses every 3-4 days or use one for a week, if I enjoyed carrying it. Wallets, clefs and pochettes are changed every 2 weeks. I find myself missing my bags so I rotate often. :smile: Small items are in pochettes and I just move them purse to purse. This arrangement works better for me than a purse organiser.


Feb 3, 2011
I have sold off most of my LV that just didn't "work" for me and kept 2, my Artsy and Metis. However I do have various other designers: Gucci, Kate Spade, Tory Burch. Honestly I'm pretty lazy when it comes to switching out my bags...I tend to use one for a month or so before finally changing. I also used to match all my wallets to my bags, but that got REALLY exhausting! So now I just use the same wallet in each bag. I don't care anymore if it matches lol. I was becoming too high maintenance for myself!


Jun 11, 2015
I keep the empreinte key pouch/cles as my wallet. It can go directly into my smaller bags. When going into my larger bags where it can get "lost" at the bottom, I insert it into a pochette together with my lipstick, lip balm, lotion, phone, and sometimes agenda pm. This pochette actually fits my smaller bags, too. So, I pull out the pochette, glasses, sunglasses, keys when I change bags. I get black, beige, brown bags so I don't have to match the bags to anything. I run through a list of situations in my head to pick the bag:

- Have to take kid's stuff with me? --> Speedy B 30 DE
- If not, then, do I have to go out to some public venue (concert, club, etc)? --> Rebecca Minkoff Mini Avery in all black
- If not, then, is it raining? --> Random $20 Zara slouchy hobo bag which is actually pretty decent and very soft PU.
- If not, then, do I think I'll end up having to hold other stuff? --> Mono Speedy 25 with extra strap
- Else, Coach Mini Bennett.


Mar 14, 2015
What?!? A chart to manage one's bags? WHOA! I wanna see that genius idea in practice!:graucho:

I'm ashamed to say I actually have a chart. I have the favorite mm in all 3 prints and every 3 months I rotate them. 😃 Those are my only bags in my collection. During the winter months when it's time to carry my mono, I use the DE strap. There's a method to my madness.

Thanks for allowing me to share without judging. ☺️