What's Your Super Bowl Menu?

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  1. Just wondering what everyone's favorite super bowl foods are and what are you serving?

    Gotta have guacamole and DH wants Pulled Pork Sandwiches

    Any ideas, pass em on!!!
  2. Buffalo Chicken Dip
    Spinach and Artichoke Dip with crab meat
    and other typical, fattening dips, I cannot wait!!
  3. So far, planning on:

    Queso dip
    Spinach and artichoke dip
    Something chocolate

    Go SAINTS......
  4. I want to make some chicken wings with a new recipe I found.

    Possibly some ham wraps (just tortillas spread with cream cheese, pepper jelly, and thin sliced ham/proscuitto tightly rolled up)

    assorted veggies with ranch

    frito pie (just fritos with chili and cheese on top)

    ^^^Definitely GO SAINTS!
  5. Tyson "Wings of Fire" chicken wings
    Turkey hot dogs
    Stadium Brats
    Baked beans
    Macaroni Salad
  6. Spinach, artichoke and crab dip sounds great and of course, the chocolate!!
  7. well its just me and my kids so im going to make velveeta salsa dip thats on the box and i got pizza bagels for the kids
  8. Go Saints!!!!
    I think wings, guac.. so far...maybe a pasta salad
    Pulled pork sandwiches sound really good from above post..so does queso dip...actually everything sounds good!
  9. I might go with the Velveeta "Redneck Fondue" as well...
    I also might make a King Cake just in honor of the Saints!

    and then I have no idea what else. I don't even know our plans yet.
  10. im not having a party but how about cuban sandwich since its in miami
  11. stuff i have done i the past my husband is gone for work so im not doing any thing big but in years past i have done
    hot wings , pizza , tacos, pizza dip ,hot wing dip, nachos, ribs , chili, tons of stuff you can do
  12. Too funny..:lol:..haven't heard it described like that before..(that's the Rotel and Velveeta, right? I love that stuff...:P
  13. We are doing BBQ chicken, burgers, sausage, bean dip, spinach dip, turkey dip, chips, salsa, pasta salad, king cakes. I can't wait for Sunday! Geaux Saints!
  14. Oh fun thread!

    -Spicy hot wings
    -Spinach dip w/chips

    Go Colts! :biggrin:
  15. I've narrowed it down the bbq pork or pulled pork sliders with slaw...guacamole/salsa and chips..wings.