what's your story on "the one that got away"?

  1. I was in Neiman's Last call this weekend with my 50% off coupon card in hand ready to buy a nice designer bag. I walked in and noticed a gucci hosebit patent boston behind the counter. Then I walked over to marc jacobs to look at their bags and during that time said to myself "that gucci bag is nice but I'm sure it'll still be there - what are the odds that someone would snatch it up in the 5 minutes that I've been here?". Then I decided to look back over to the counter and someone was there with a sales rep looking at that bag! Well guess what - she bought it! My jaw dropped and I think I shed a tear :wtf:. My coupon expired yesterday and I ended up with no nice designer bag at a deep discount :crybaby:. I am still haunted by "the one that got away"! LOL ...I think I'm addicted to bags...
  2. oh dear!

    I was shopping in the january sales last year i was looking to buy a large tote bag for college, i was going to buy a lv cabas mezzo, but didnt want to spend that amount of ££'s on something that was going to get chucked about! so anyway i was in Selfridges when i saw a gorgeous Burberry tote in pink with white leather straps etc, it was GORGEOUS and the best thing was it was reduced to £200 from like £500 odd ( cant remember the exact price) then my mum called me over to look at some other (not nice) bag and me being me put the bag down! (i dont know why i did this i really dont) so i was telling my mum about the Burberry bag and she said that she would buy it for me after she had had a look at the sunglasses, so i went back to get the bag and 2 girls were inspecting it, so i just sort of hovered around them, waiting for them to put it down,

    :hysteric: AND THEN, she walked to the counter and PAID FOR IT! omg i nearly cried, really!

    so all day i was mourning over the loss of my bag and didn't want any other bag! but i did end up ordering a Tabitha Quinny mettalic pink bag for college and i loooooove it now, the leather is GORGEOUS! so really i think it was meant to be :heart:

    sorry long post!
  3. Ok, my story is a little different since it's not a handbag, but it's funny, so I thought I'd share...

    I was at an Escada boutique, and they were having a ridiculous sale. Truly ridiculous. I found a gold metallic bikini, marked down from $375 to $35! OMG - that's over 90% off, and it was FABULOUS. I was holding it in my arms walking around, looking mostly at dresses after that.

    A pretty 20-something (I was in my late teens at the time) gal came up to compliment me on it. I thanked her and told her where I found it, and which point she toddled off in that direction.

    Ok, so about 10 minutes later I'm almost finished she comes back up to whine about how there aren't any more. I mean, whine. I don't even know this girl, and she's whining at me. I sympathized for a moment (sisterhood and all that) until she asked me for it. Um, no. Sorry, but I am going to buy it. And I smiled sympathetically, just being nice. At which point she got really nasty and TRIED TO SNATCH IT OUT OF MY ARMS! LoL I just pulled away and shot her "oh how pathetic" look and shook my head. I told her I had been nothing but nice and she was out of line. I then walked over and purchased my stuff inc the bikini, while the sales associate apologized and she began to whine again, this time to the whole store in general.

    I mean, it's a bathing suit. :wtf: LoL
  4. i really liked the Be&D Crawford bag in metallic silver/grey that was on the sales section of the NM website. i saved the link and checked back constantly, never to really put it in the shopping bag to check out. then one day when i checked, it was gone. i felt so sad...they had a white one available which was also gorgeous but seeing that i have an off-white bag and a white bag already, i didn't want another one. i introduced the bag to my best friend and she bought it right away as she doesn't have any white bags. i feel a little better after that, cuz at least someone close to me got the good deal and a great bag she now loves.

    but yes, xhollieax, you're right. i think some things are meant to be (or not, lol). i later found the Celine Bittersweet large hobo in Gunmental (which is also a dark metallic grey as far as from the pics) and that baby is now on its way all the way from USA to Taiwan!!~ ;)
  5. Story #1:
    I was at Nordstrom and saw a black Botkier trigger and started admiring it. Then I looked at the price and said I'll think about it since I was looking for borwn or a color. I looked around online when I started thinking about it and I saw one in tan on the website marked down to $200 from $600. I sat on it a couple of days and when I checked again it was gone! I checked the site at least once a day hoping they would put more on sale. Then about a week later I found it and it was still $200!

    Story #2:
    By the time I discovered the Bianca, the color I really liked - Denim (teal) was sold out everywhere. It was a Holiday 2006 color. I really want the small Biance but have not been able to find it yet. I found the clutch and the medium bianca in this color so I'll probably end up keeping the medium but the small one has gotten away. If anyone knows where to find one please let me know...
  6. :wtf: OMG! She has issues! And is probably very spoiled! Good for you that you stood your ground!

    Lesson: If you come across a good deal, never, ever put it down, or let it out of your site.
  7. Aawww....those are such sad stories ladies!!!!!! :sad:

    Doesn't happen to me though...cuz I always "Buy now, think later"...LOL... ;)
  8. Great thread. The one that got away? Love it! For me, the one that got away was a stunning Tods bag at Saks. It was orginally $1000+ marked down to $600. Snapped it up right away even though it was a huge expense at the time. Flash forward, two weeks later, I came to find the Tods bag was missing a toggle and I brought it back to Saks. Turns out the bag was marked down even more down to $298!! Imagine, three hundy for a Tods bag! But then, the Saks SA told me they couldn't do prior adjustments and I would have to return it or keep it as incomplete. No amount of begging and pleading would change their mind. So I releuctantly returned it.

    Now I'm kicking myself for no Tods bag at all.....
  9. Really sad stories. Mine's is much more sedate and involves Chloe Bahrain. You would think that I would be satisfied with the buy of a lifetime that I came across and successfully completed there but nooooo. There was ANOTHER bag that I wrote endless questions about to the patient SA who just kept asking "Are you going to buy the bag or not?" Well I was angsting since it was a LOT of money to put out at once. I had sleepless sweaty nights rolling and tossing about in guilt. I did write something about it on the appropriate forum and another much smarter PF'er went for it and BOUGHT IT. I can hardly bring myself to read any of her posts! Isn't that awful? It wasn't HER fault that I dallied. Anyway - live and learn. I know where I can get another one at a vastly inflated price. I think I may have calmed down a tad, though, and moved on. Time heals all wounds.
  10. :shame: Oops, sorry snowtire, but I think I'm the one who bought it :wondering I saw it for sale for less than half the original price and I had to have it! I'm glad that you got your Celine though - it's a gorgeous bag!

  11. hehe no worries, maedchen, the Be&D is a great bag and i love the leather (i always feel my friend's white one, haha) and i'm glad you got it! great minds think alike, no? :p
  12. My story is similar to the OPs. I was at Off 5th last summer with a 25% off coupon and saw a darling Sage colored MJ Sophia for $350. I hesitated and told myself to walk around since I wasn't sure if I was in love, and 5 minutes later I walked back and it was gone! Next time I'm going to take it with me and walk around with it while I decide.

    I also saw a decently priced Botkier Bombay Hobo on sale for Plazatoo and waited for a few days. When I made up my mind, she was gone! I saw another on ebay recently, missed the ending, and she sold for only $200.

    I'll always kick myself in the ass for missing those two.