What's your star style?

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    Got a little Christina in you? Or is your style more like Mischa Barton? Whether you're a rebel fashionista or a true trendsetter, like most leading ladies, you have your own unique sense of style. Who do you most resemble? Let your celebrity style reveal itself by taking this quiz.

    Celebrity Style Makeover Quiz at iVillage.com
  2. Mine is:

    Diva Glam
  3. I'm a trendsetter...like Lindsay Lohan. :rolleyes:
  4. I got Diva Glam...which suprises me since I'm more 'classic with a twist' type of gal.
  5. trend setter lindsay lohan
  6. Crap...Diva Glam! I would be OK with it except I don't happen to like divas...especially Beyonce.
  7. i'm classic chic....

    "classic in a chic, not boring way" "Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Hermes and Oscar de la Renta make your credit cards shiver with fear." tru dat!:supacool:

    although i don't think a classically chic woman would utter the phrase "tru dat!" :shame:
  8. trendsetter Lindsay Lohan

  9. I got the same result and we sound very much alike in our tastes, so I don't agree with the results. I can't see me pulling off Beyonce's look AT ALL! :roflmfao:

    Silly test!

    Edit note: I took it again and picked my second choices on some of the answers. I came up with Classic Chic. Sounds MUCH more like me.
  10. Mine Is : Diva Glam.
  11. I'm a Diva Glam
  12. Me too!
  13. Diva Glam...
  14. Trendsetter... I'm fine with that, but I don't think I dress like Lindsay Lohan?:confused1:
  15. Classic Chic
    It's amazing. Like your style twin Reese Witherspoon, you always look put together in a classic way -- and that's classic in a chic, not boring, way. Although you have a knack for putting together timeless pieces with a flair, don't be afraid of adding some sexy silhouettes or trendy tops into your closet. Many of them can easily transition into your wardrobe of streamlined styles and beautiful basics. But don't stop at your clothing. You'll be amazed how the slightest change to otherwise simple makeup look can make a big difference. Go ahead, we know there's a sassy new you just begging to come out and play.

    Your Favorite Designers:
    Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Hermes and Oscar de la Renta make your credit cards shiver with fear.


    I hate Michael Kors, but yeah I like classics.