What's your Spy's name?

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  1. I know that alot of us refer to our Spies affectionately in the feminine she or her. I've always named my bags, particularly the ones I wear often. I recently helped a GF acquire a Spy and when I told her the Spy needed a name, she looked at me as if I just presented her with a Chinatown knockoff. Eventually, we settled on a name for her Spy, but much to my shock, she decided her Spy would be male! The horror! LOL

    What did you name your Spy? A pic with a name would be fun too!
  2. Male? Never ever considered any of my handbags male. Maybe she named it male cos of the 'wand' on the front? ;)

    I'm very original. Mine is called (depending on my mood), "Fendi" or "My Baby".
  3. My first Spy was the Gold Metallic. Mr. Man named it right away and the name has since stuck, on all my Spys:

  4. Bagasaurus?! Well, that's not very attractive! LOL

    The convo with my friend went something like this:

    Fate: You *HAVE* to name your Spy or else you-know-who will smite thee! Seriously!
    Friend: FINE! How about Estelle?
    Fate: I veto this name. That reminds me of a little, purple, cotton-candy haired woman pushing a grocery cart with her cats in it.
    Friend: How about Lucille?
    Fate: Veto. Same explanation.
    Friend: Barbara?
    Fate: Veto! Something a little more glam, maybe?
    Friend: Xena?
    Fate: Too glam. Veto.
    Friend: Anne?
    Fate: Veto!
    Friend: May?
    Fate: VETO!
    Friend: FINE! VETO IT IS!

    So Veto is the name of her male, gray Spy.
  5. LMAO How very Freudian of you, Kav!

    My first spy (black & white) is Beautiful, because, as you might have guessed, I talk to my bags. "Helllo, Beautiful! I think we'll go for a stroll today. Where would you like to go, Beautiful?"

    My second Spy (cognac) is Gorgeous.

    My third Spy (white) is Lovely.

    My B-Bag is Betty (oak). Her big sister is Veronica (tan & black patent).

    My dilemma: I've got a Spy and another BBag in the works. What to call them?
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I think if I was having this conversation with you then my spy would end up being Bond, James Bond (said in a very sexy sean connery voice)
  7. I've kind of named them in my head based on their description. It helps if I'm talking about it or asking someone to get it for me..so for my spys its just Blueberry, Zucca, and Squirrel (and they're all female). If I only had one of a certain type of bag or brand I'd call it that, ex: the/my fendi, the spy. :heart:
  8. mine is a she, men can be beautiful, but not that faithful...lol

    i call it nazooky or zuccy, after zucca and my mom(who's nickname is nazooka)

    kneehighz, i would let my blueberry(btw i never said congrats, on it and its gorgeous!) be a he, just so i can quote Will Ferrell and say "You're my boy, Blue!"
  9. Hmm... all my spies are male, whereas all my other bags are female. The names are pretty boring though:

    Mr. Crispy
    Mr. Pop
    Mr. Crackle
    Mr. Pleaty
    Petrolitis - ok... so this one sounds like a disease...
    Wisteria - this doesn't really have a name...

    Eeps... I have a few more spies than I thought....
  10. I refer to them as my b$tches :smile:
  11. ^^^that cracks me up:roflmfao:
  12. Petrolitis!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Love it!
  13. I called mine zucca and stripey,and there all females
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: This thread is toooooo funny!!
  15. awww!!! chocosaurus sounds cute!