what's your spur-of-the-moment grab it bag

  1. Okay, without putting a lot of thought into it.....Your best friend calls and says, "Let's go hang out today"....you have 10 minutes to get ready.....maybe you'll be shopping at the mall, lunch, walk around downtown, stroll on the pier, maybe a movie or dinner, a stop at Starbucks in the evening, etc. What bag (and what other necessities) do you grab and go with for your casual day/evening out?

    If you want to make this more fun, tell us the perfect outfit you would wear too!
  2. ehhhh depends on what i'm wearing. it might be damier azur speedy, or a MC bag.
  3. Damier papillon....just in case it rains or something. It can be casual or dressy!
  4. It would be my Mini HL , I carry my make-up bag,Cles & Phone so it's the right size!
  5. Right now it would probably be my mini lin speedy. I would wear a pair of jeans, either ballet flats or sandals and a long t-shirt or tank top with a hoodie. I'm pretty low-key these days unless I'm going for a big night out.
  6. denim mini pleaty my MIL recently bought me
    I thought I'd never like denim line but surprisingly it's quite cute
  7. I usually end up grabbing my navgalio, I think thats just because its sitting out usually and it fits my wallet, sketchbook, ipod, keys, sunnies etc. If I am going to be walking alot I would take something smaller though like my solent.
  8. Neverfull MM.
  9. cerise, mono or epi speedy. i think i need another good rain bag so a damier speedy might be in the stars as a safe, just to have everything-use bag.

    as for super rushed and if it's teaming rain out (non-LV), ill grab one of many "strewn around my room" vera bradley's just to run out with. :smile:
  10. My pochette accessoires, it's perfect for a day out shopping with my BFF!
  11. I will usually grab my speedy or MC aurelia.
  12. Mono Speedy 30, it goes with everything and considering i carry my life in my purse, it definately accomodates!
  13. Speedy or BH.
  14. mine would be my Monogram Speedy 25. after my Apple Garde fiasco with it last year i'm trying to even out the patina, so it's now my drag-around bag :lol:
  15. I would grab my Onatah GM and wear it will a pair of jeans, babydoll top and ballet flats.:rolleyes: