What's your SO doing right now?

  1. Mine's at the batting cages with some guys from his old college track team.


    Intlset = Nosy:shrugs:
  2. Working on some C-Sharp programing. :yes:
  3. writing a law brief
  4. talking on the phone with my bf
  5. He's on his own forum while I'm on TPF! LOL!!! Yes we are so nerdy! :P
  6. watching the game. Can't get anything out of him right now. I could be wearing nothing and he wouldn't notice.
  7. whats SO?
  8. ok after a min of thinking I realized it was Significant other, correct?
  9. He's at work! Been missing him all day long!
  10. He's watching the game..it's pretty much footy marathon today..yyyaaayy..finally,he leaves me alone..LOL
  11. Watching football!
  12. Looking at nascar.com on his computer! ;)
  13. Playing Counter Strike on his PC.
  14. Setting up a softball team, watching king of queens, eating, and talking baseball. No, he really isn't good at multi-tasking this is a first!
  15. Screaming his head off b/c the EAGLES WON!:yahoo: :yahoo: