What's your skincare regime?

  1. I use the clinique 3 step program (face wash, toner, and lotion) in the morning and at night. Occasionally in the shower I will use Cetaphil facewash, which has helped my skin alot.

    At night time i also use clinique's
    Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer - Dry Combination

    At night time and morning i use clinique's
    All About Eyes™ Rich

    So far that seems to be all I need :smile: Clinique is awesome!
  2. I'll use your template:

    Skin type: Oily
    Targeting: keep pores clean and clear, dead skin at bay and less oils on the face
    Cleanser: Clinique Anti-bacterial bar soap
    Toner: Clean and Clear Astingent
    Exfoliator/Serum: Asperin mask
    Facial Moisturizer: Pond's dry skin cream (works for my skin, idk why)
    Sunscreen: no sunscreen

    Skin type: Dry
    Cleanser: Dove soap (original, its all I use)
    Moisturizer: Johnson baby lotion for adults (its what Im using at the moment, i like to switch around)
    Sunscreen: when i know i will be baking I like to use Banana Boat
  3. Face:
    * Skin type: Oily / Acne Prone
    * Targeting: Smoother Skin, clean pores and pore size, control oil, prevent acne / blackheads and age prevention.

    * Cleanser: Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin
    * Dr. Varon's 10% Vitamin C Concentrated Serum
    * Alpha Hydrox 10% pure Glycolic-AHA Gel
    * Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Fragrance Free
    * CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (Only if I'm not going out, or on day's that are not sunny)
    * Neutrogena SPF, Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF45 (Only on day when I go out that are sunny)

    * Cleanser: Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin
    * Stridex Pads, 2%Salicylic Acid, Alcohol Free (sometimes)
    * Tazorac (retinoid) .5% Gel
    * Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Fragrance Free (An hour+ after putting on the Tazorac)
    * CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (An hour+ after putting on the Tazorac)
  4. great idea....I'm going to post in a few
  5. I use a lot of products but they've all been carefully tested out and screened meticulously from all the other junk I buy, so EACH product is excellent for a certain task. So what are you looking for may I ask? cuz I can't exactly recommend something and say all the others are "useless" when they do another task that's not in your best interest... lol PM me if you wanna chat!
  6. Face
    Skin type: Combination/Acne Prone
    Targeting: Keeping my skin firm, my pores under control and even tone.
    Cleanser: Cellcosmet and Cetaphil cleanser with my Clairisonic Brush
    Toner: Cellcosmet toner that I only use when I'm at the cottage
    Exfoliator/Serum: Cellcosmet Exfoliate Dual Action and Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel/Vivier Vit. C 20%
    Eye Moisturizer: Cellcosmet eye cream
    Facial Moisturizer: Cellcosmet Ultra Vital
    Facial Mask: Kate Somerville Clearing Mask as on-the-spot treatment, Cellcosmet Anti-Stress mask
    Sunscreen: Skinceuticals UV Defense SPF 30
    Skin type: Normal to very dry
    Cleanser: Cetaphil facial cleanser used as a shower gel and Laura Mercier and Khiel's grapefruit, Aveeno with soy as shaving wash
    Moisturizer: Chantecaille Retinol lotion, Curel, Cetaphil cream with Shea Butter, Laura Mercier
    Sunscreen: Skinceuticals UV Defense SPF 30, La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 60
  7. Face - mornings:

    - Avon's Completely Clean Cleanser
    - Avon's Anew Retroactive Eye Serum
    - Avon's Anew All in One Self Adjusting Perfecting Cream SPF 15

    Face - Evenings:

    - Avon's Completely Clean Cleanser
    - Estee Lauder's Take it Away cleanser for eye makeup remover
    - Avon's Anew Retroactive Eye Serum
    - Avon's Anew Force Extra Triple Lifting Night Cream

    - 2 - 3X per week - Avon's Anew Clinical Microexfoliant

    - monthly facials at the salon

  8. Seems like you really like Lancome! Has their Blanc Expert line whiten your complexion? (you seem to have pretty fair skin) I'm using SKII Brightening lotion + Essence Treatment for the evening and am searching for a morning/under Make-up moisturizer... Do you use the Lancome Whitening Serum before the Blanc Expert moisturizer? Actually, I've never used Serums.. can it also serve as a moisturizer? Do I need to use both serum + moisturizer? Also, I'm wondering if La Prairie Cellular Eye Contour targets blue under eye lines and dark circles? My eyes always feels tired and I definitely have a lot of blue undereye circles. (Chanel's Sublimage seems good but am wondering if La Prairie is better?) Any advice is greatly appreciated! TIA. Btw, I'm Chinese, w/ pale/med skin tone.
  9. Skin type - combination with occasional acne

    Concern - hydration and anti-aging

    Cleanser - Cetaphil daily cleanser
    Lotion - La Mer moisturizing lotion
    Eye cream - Clinique Advanced stop sign SPF 15
    SPF - Kiehls waterbase SPF 25

    Makeup remover - Shu Uemura fresh cleansing oil
    Eye makeup remover - Clinique Take the day off
    Cleanser - Loccitane olive daily face cleanser
    Toner - Kiehls cucumber toner
    Serum - Estee Lauder Advanced night repair
    Eye cream - Estee Lauder Advanced night repair
    Cream - Creme de La Mer

    Weekly - Bliss steep clean & Biore pore strips
  10. I switch products often, but I try to keep it pretty simple.

    Skin type: normal to combination (some shine in T-zone, some flakes in winter)
    Targeting: keep pores clean and clear, minimize blackheads, prevent wrinkles, keep skin hydrated
    Cleanser: SK-II cleansing oil, sometimes I use a cheap cleanser in the morning like Clean & Clear or Biore
    Toner: none right now, but I liked Shu's toner in the blue bottle
    Exfoliator: St. Ives apricot scrub (1x per week)
    Serum: Boots no. 7 Restore & Renew
    Weekly masque: Aspirin mixed w/ Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, occasionally I use Origins Clear Improvement Masque
    Facial Moisturizer: right now I'm using Nivea Aqua Sensation, but I like ROC moisturizer for combination skin
    Sunscreen: Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 45

    Skin type: normal to dry
    Cleanser: Dove Firming (love the smell)
    Moisturizer: Nivea Firming on my top half, Nivea Smooth Replenishing Lotion on legs
    Sunscreen: same as on face

    It probably doesn't look simple written down, but it seriously only takes minutes!
  11. Mine is really random because for a while I was buying a lot of different products, i'm still a product junkie but I am trying to restrain myself now.

    My skin type is combination [oily T-zone] with NW20 skin.

    In the morning:
    Wash face in the shower with those dove face towlettes
    Every few days exfoliate with aspirin
    Use clinique lotion
    then Aveeno for faces sunscreen

    Use Olay moisturizing face wash with vitamin E
    Clearisil acne cream
    Clinique dramatically different moisturizer

    Throughout the week I also use:
    Mint Julep mask
    Olay microdermabrasion kit-it's amazing for deep exfoliation once a week
  12. i believe the simpler the better..
    i use clinique's liquid facial soap for oily skin
    clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel
    and lancome's 3 in 1 cleanser

    for morning i sometimes use aqua fusion gel from lancome ( its baoslutely fabulous for summers since gel based and with spf 15

  13. How do you like the gel? I use the lotion and was thinking about switching the gel when it runs out but I heard it moisturize as well. But I find that the lotion can be too thick sometimes.
  14. Here's My Skincare Regime

    Skin type: awesome
    Targeting: Stay moisturized and healthy looking
    Cleanser: Garnier Fructis facial cream cleanser
    Exfoliator/Serum: Garnier scrub
    Facial Moisturizer: Start off with a tanning lotion with bronzer (the most moisturizing products out there!) followed with Deviant brand lotion (basically like Hempz products but created by the ex-lead chemist of Designer Skin)
    Sunscreen: Lancome Bienfait multi vital

    Skin type: tends toward the dry side
    Cleanser: Hermes Kelly Caleche (thanks Sarah!) or Tone Mango Splash with Cocoa Butter
    Exfoliator: Philosophy brand Senorita Margarita hot salt scrub
    Moisturizer: My usuals are Deviant moisturizer, Victoria's Secret body butter (love spell or sweet daydream) or The Body Shop body butter (strawberry)
    Sunscreen: I wear a uniform every day, so none!
  15. Yup, I do love Lancome. Their exfoliator and blanc expert line have really improved my acne-prone skin.
    I don't think the blanc expert line actually whitened my complexion (something that many western women fear... cuz they prefer the tanned look...), but rather made the brown spots fade ~50% (and probably preventing new ones from forming). I'm also taking some medication that makes my skin sensitive to the sun, so that's why I always wear SPF and choose whitening products.
    Generally, serums cannot be used as a moisturizer. However, if you have really oily skin, like me, and if it's in the summer time, you may be able to get away with just a serum that targets hydration like La Prairie's. Yet, most serums are more 'high-tech' (target wrinkles, spots, inflammation, redness, promote healing...etc) so they're not just for the sole purpose of hydration. Then again, even if you do use just a serum as a moisturizer... it's probably not a good idea to be using it several times a day because they're mainly supposed to be used at night (so not under makeup during the day) unless specified, AND it would be very expensive this way too since most serums are only 30-50mls.
    I like La Prairie's Cellular Eye Contour and it's the best that I've used. For me, I have absolutely no puffiness around my eyes now (remember, I sleep 5 hours a day...) which is amazing imo, however I do still see some blueishness around the inner corner of my eyes. It is still much better than 2 years ago though. You may want to give this eyecream a try, or ask an SA to recommend one that's suitable for you. Good luck!