what's your shoe budget?


Dec 28, 2006
I don't really have one.

It takes quite a bit of time for me to find shoes that really fit me well. I wear heels 99% of the time and I am more than willing to spend the money to get good ones. I don't have a huge collection like some of the women on here. I tend to buy classic styles that I just know I'll wear for awhile that work.

I don't think I'd spend more than $600 though. There were some CL wedges that I loved but there was no way I was spending nearly $800 for them.


Jun 3, 2007
I've never spent more than $200 on a pair of shoes. I would though and plan to next year when new job/move means I'll have more disposable income. As I get a bit older (27 next month) the justification for good quality and classic "investment" shoes is easier to make :yes:

I buy a new pair probably every 6 weeks or so, although I've already bought 2 pairs since 1st of June so I'm well above average these days.


Feb 14, 2007
I don't have a shoe budget but that doesn't mean I just buy them whenever I want. I recently bought some CLs but that is the most by far I have ever spent on shoes and they are shoes I'll wear a lot. I don't really buy shoes that often I don't think. The last ones I bought were last month and they were on sale for $16.


Sep 21, 2005
i don't have a budget. i just buy what I like but I can tell you, i'm not so much a shoe gal as I am a bag gal so it's not such a big hit on my wallet. plus, i love designer shoes, but I normally just buy my shoes at Macy's with Via Spiga & Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes being the most expensive.

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Jan 15, 2007
i dont have a strict budget...sometimes i go crazy and buy many pairs in one month, and then i go a few months without buying any. i've built up a fairly good collection so i have to fall in love with it. rigth now i'm on a shoe kick, so i've been browsing for them. i really want some cute peep-toes and other heels to wear with shorts - i have a few pairs, but i want more! i haven't spent more than $200 on a pair yet...maybe one day soon, but right now i have my eye on a few m by mj shoes on sale and i think i may break that budget there!


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May 10, 2007
Blown, that's what it is!!! No, seriously I don't have a budget I just buy what I like if I can afford it. I didn't have any big name shoes until a couple of months ago when I bought my first Christian Louboutins and it's all be downhill since then. I have spent more on shoes since then than I had in my entire life. It's silly. I don't regret it but I will be taking a break from shoe buying until further notice. It's not going to be easy, as a matter of fact, it's going to be really difficult but we really need to save for the move back to the US, which is NOT cheap. Wish me luck and the withdrawls aren't too bad!


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Mar 26, 2007
I don't have any rules for either. If I see something that I fall in love with then I'll go for it, but I rarely pay retail on anything
I'm the same way. I would say that I would never buy shoes more then $200 (like everyone else). I have a really hard time wanting to buy nice shoes anyways because I live in a real rainy town. :tdown: and I would probably be the only one with nice shoes. Allot of people wear those horrid extratuffs (rainboots) here... even with their dresses. :wtf:


Jan 23, 2007
Typically, I spend about $200-300 for a good pair of "classic" shoes that I know I'll wear for years. (A pair of black pumps, for example.) I'd love to be able to spend more, but my current income won't allow it. :sad:

There are tons of cute, cheap, trendy shoe brands out there, though, so my closet stays stocked with the latest styles, no problem... :tup:


Apr 18, 2006
I buy more shoes in the beginning of the season (shoes i need to have so i try to wait for egc/triple pts/bloomie's coupon events to save some $$) or towards the end of the season (like how) when so much is on sale. my everyday shoes usually cost 100-200 on sale and my special occasion shoes are about 500. the really special shoes are about 700 which I don't get on sale.