Whats your "Secret" Collection????

  1. everytime I come home from shopping, for some reason I like to collect paper bags....I HAVE NOT A CLUE in the world why.....buts its my thing...whats your little secret collection ???:amuse:
  2. I would have to say 80s movies!!!:lol:
  3. common people spill it!!
  4. i love pens, always have. an entire cupholder in my car is full of pens that i've swiped from work. most of them were unintentionally swiped, i promise. any place that gives out free pens, though, i'll take one! restaurants, vet's office, nail salon...any place! the best one i have is from the last time that our LG product rep came out to do a training for us - it writes fantastically!
  5. don't really know if its a secret but I collect tons of key chains.. have around 100 or so I guess.. most ppl though would not know I collect it but I ask my bf n my brother to get me new keychains if ever they go to a place I haven't been to...
  6. Paper clothing tags (nicer ones of course, not like the gap or anything)

    Paper bags
  7. i'm with amanda...

    pens - i just love pens!
  8. silkstone barbies! hahahaha.
  9. pretty water bottles. not like.. regular bottles, but pretty bottles of water. like voss, evian, fiji, smart, etc. also, pretty vodka bottles like goose, six, belvedere, etc. looking at my room, you'd think i was a health nut with all the water, or a raging alcoholic with all the vodka bottles. lol.
  10. underwear, I have a complete underwear obsession. It's to a ridiculous point.
  11. hmmm thats a hard question as im a junky in collecting things:shame:
    i love to collect paper bags, special perfume bottles,designer tags,designer keychain and pencils(weird and designer ones),water bottles and anything that is unique or limeted edition..:heart:
    dont know why but im totally into that..:blink:
    thank God there r people like me:rolleyes:
  12. I used to do paper bags, perfume bottles, alcohol bottles and lighters. Now I like to stockpile cookie monster stuffed animals. I have around 40. It's a sickness. They laugh, eat cookies, walk, talk, vibrate...I go to Walmart and buy new ones all the time. I have pillows, backpacks, keychains. It's horrible.
  13. Nail polish :lol: I have over 30 bottles, every color you can imagine. Some of them are so old and won't even open anymore, but I can't seem to throw them away :shame: I even have those old pastel Hard Candy colors from when they first came out 10 years ago.
  14. I have lots of pens too. Pilot G-2 is my current fav.

    I have a million Moleskines...I love them..every time I open one, I feel as if I should buy 3 more. :smile:

    I love Hello Kitty. I have lots of Hello Kitty & other Sanrio characters for things like coin purses, erasers, stationery...it's a sickness. (I'm 35)

    I buy a lot of music...most of it's on the computer so at least there isn't a big pile of it somewhere!

    I have a lot of yarn...I knit socks...I also like knitting bags...old-fashioned styles with wooden handles.

    I have a hard time throwing away old perfume bottles.

    I have all my childrens' teeth...3 children worth...& they are tucked away in Tiffany boxes! :smile:

    I have lots of books..mostly "classics" that I like to have in copies published by Oxford World's Classics, they look nice on the shelf! :smile:

    And the weirdest (to me) is that I keep my paper cup from Starbucks if I know I won't be able to go for awhile...I just like to see it on the counter...I heart coffee.