What's YOUR ratio? Bag$ to shoes$? Car$ to house$? House$ to bag$?

  1. So, everyone has their spending priorities. If you participate in this forum, bags are probably a high spending priority for you. What about shoes? Clothes? Jewelry? Hair/beauty? Houses? Furniture? Art? Food? My H bags are worth far more than my jewelry. And my den furniture for that matter... I don't cover my furniture in tissue paper and felt. But my Birkins...Would you rather have a beautiful house/apt in a not great location, or a not as nice house in a great area? I realize we have different budgets, and live in different areas where housing, bags, etc can take up wildly different amounts of $$. But, the car:bag ratio thread got me wondering...
  2. The house would be the most important thing to me :smile: I don't care about the car... jewelry & bags are second and then clothes & shoes.
    bags to shoes 10-1, bags to cars, 3-1, house to bags: 30-1
  3. This is interesting.....Inquiry minds want to know the advantaged statistics.....Living in different areas of the country is a major factor.
  4. Wow this is a really open ended question with the potential for some serious fireworks, LOL. That being said, I'm fairly confident that I can answer honestly without offending anyone though so I guess I will give it a go.

    Handbags are a high priority for me emotionally (meaning I want and love them), but fiscally not so much. In our lives (mine and DH's, I mean), our major expenses for the past 2 years have been our house and our fertility journey. I haven't mentioned either here on the forum much, but we have an antique farmhouse we're in the process of restoring, and that's both expensive and never-ending. In addition, we're well into major fertility treatments, attempting to have our first child. That's even more expensive on an ongoing basis than the house renovations, at roughly 1 croc Birkin a pop, and much more heartbreaking at times. So, while I would love to spend $xxxxx on bags per month, I just can't because of our other priorities.

    Past that, we both basically are interested in the same things: raising our someday kids in the very best possible neighborhood/schools; vacations when and where we want; newish cars that meet our basic needs with a modicum of luxury, but they don't have to be status symbols necessarily; clothes when we need or want them; a nice jewelry piece here and there but nothing befitting the royal family, and so on. We do have nice things, but we definitely don't live above our means, ever. We're pretty conservative people when it comes to money.
    It helps that I don't feel the need to buy designer clothing "for the season" three or four times a year--I am quite happy with fewer very simple basic but well made items, which tend to last longer anyway. And besides, my little fat self won't fit into most high end designers, so that helps with the clothing budget too! LOL! I like jewelry but only really in a passing sense because I have the basics that make me happy--engagement/wedding ring, a watch or two, diamond studs, pearls, and a diamond cocktail ring & a couple of bracelets. I do spend money on shoes, but frankly that's kind of the dog's fault because he finds them all too often and eats them.

    I guess what it boils down to for me is that other than bags, I pretty much have everything I need or want in terms of material goods because my needs just aren't that high. We live a pretty simple but comfortable lifestyle and materially speaking, thank God, nothing is really missing.
  5. If I look at it from a asset perspective....Clothes are 10 times more than beauty supplies and services. Gas is almost as expensive as food/restaurants and yearly vacations. The value of my handbags are probably 10 times more than shoes. My jewelry/watches are about twice as valueable as my handbags. Furniture is 4 times as valueable as my jewels/watches. My home is about 7 times more valuable than my vehicles. BTW, I live in Texas. I humbly thank God for blessing me and my family because I know lives can change quickly.
  6. Oh, I forgot ratios...hmmm. Well since we live in New York obviously housing is pretty expensive. House vs. bags about 250:1; car vs 1 bag about 6:1. Clothing budget to bags about 0:2, LOL. Jewelry budget to bags, about 0:3. And so on.

    Forgot to add that we DO spend a lot of money on furnishings & antiques, but that's sporadic & seasonal based on antique auctions.
  7. Cynthia I hope with whole my heart your f. treatment will get you a little baby :smile:
  8. I guess i Did my ratios backwards:smile: I'm so bad with numbers...
  9. Thank you, sweetie. :heart: me too! I'd be even happier with two! (maybe I am greedy after all?? LOL)
  10. I forgot the most expensive asset, my children. I think they top everything.

  11. Indeed, coleigh!:yes:
  12. Ok, too lazy to do the math so I'll just rank my priorities: (material things only otherwise family ((and pets, which are part of the family)) would be first :tup:)

    1 - House (if I had to choose it would be modest house in great neighborhood) and things associated with the house. ie - furniture, art etc.

    2 -Food (I'm thinking eating has to be somewhat high on the list as I wouldn't be able to enjoy my bags, or anything else if I didn't eat ;))

    3- Car

    4 -Travel

    5 -Jewerly

    6 -Bags

    7 -Clothes

    8 -Hair/Beauty

    9- Shoes
  13. Cynthia, I am going to PM you!
  14. You ladies are so sweet :heart:
  15. I also hope with my whole heart for you too C. Our 2nd dd was an IUI baby and this guy was conceived after an ectopic/tube-removal and a year of treatment.