Whats your Purse- O- nality ???

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  1. http://www.glam.com/app/site/tests/runTest.act?result=&id=21641347&typeId=15

    You’re Utilitarian-Chic

    Though you pick your purses carefully, for you it is more important that they are functional than a fashion statement. Not that you don’t go for style. It’s only that when shopping for a bag, and living life in general, you’re likely to seek out attractive, multifunctional options that truly suit your needs and offer lots of room and flexibility.

  2. I did this quiz about a week ago, and I got Utilitarian-chic also. Hence my current avatar, the Editor's Tote from Roots of Canada. Well, I am an editor, and I like lots of pockets and compartments, so I guess I can't argue. :smile:
  3. Just took the quic and I'm Utilitarian chic too? I wonder if anybody has gotten anything else?
  4. You're a classic Lover

    For you the perfect purse is a timeless piece that will look just as chic decades from now (with the right care,of course) as it does today. In general you're not one to splurge on the latest look, unless it's a new rendition of the Kelly bag. Classic, elegant, quality and triend-and-true are attributes that apply to your bag and your character.

    oohhh this is very true!!:shame:
    the bags selected for me were a golden ferragamo clutch, a bag of luella, a marc jacobs quilted leather satchel, another simple marc jacobs bag, an old navy velvet bag and a target bag and this jimmy choo [​IMG]
  5. I am a classics lover too....fun quiz!
  6. You’re a Designer Diva
    When you head to a boutique, you already know what you’re looking for: the season’s hottest model from a coveted big-name brand.

    ...So very true!
  7. i'm a classics lover as well.
  8. Classics lover here. I really need to move out of this box and become more bold in my choices. :amuse:
  9. i'm a classics as well
  10. I'm a classics lover. :biggrin:

    My hubby took the test, and he is a Designer Diva. LOL
  11. Another "Classics Lover" here!
  12. I got Utilitarian-Chic too. :P
  13. Classic Lover.
  14. Huh. Utilitarian-Chic. Though I hated all of the bags they "selected" for me, and loved every single one of the Classic bags.
  15. I'm a classics lover.