What's your Purse Forum Pattern?

  1. My average pattern...

    I check the Bag Showcase first (to see if Star3777 has come back yet:rolleyes: :lol: )...then the Louis Vuitton forum...then the Jewelry Box forum...then the Bag Showcase Forum again...then, back to Louis Vuitton:lol: ...if nothing's going on there, I check the General Discussion section.:girlsigh:

    Every Friday, I check the Celebrity section...:rolleyes: I have no idea why.:lol:

    Every Sunday night, I check Hermes (:crybaby: out of price range...) and Marc Jacobs...then, straight to Vuitton.:tender:

    Am I the only one with a pattern?
  2. You're not the only one, I have a pattern too!

    First I check out the general discussion, then the Vuitton forum, then the bag showcase then the celebrity and wardrobe pages. Maybe the jewlery and shoe pages too.

    Somestimes I peek at the Hermes forum.
  3. I have no pattern anymore. I used to do Handbags and Purses first then work my way around. Now because I'm on here so much, I just check out the new posts. Sometimes when I'm on here and the forum isn't jumping, that's when I go check things more specifically.

    However that's usually when I'm on at 2 am and can't sleep because I'm here.
  4. Purse Forum -> PM -> Hermes Subforum -> Playground -> General Discussions for anything -> TV & Cinema -> General Discussions for handbags in general
  5. I go right to Balenciaga and then to the Marketplaza to check out Handbag Listings :graucho:
  6. vuitton > gendisc > vuitton (..haha) > celeb > wardrobe >chanel > coach >vuitton. ;)
  7. I spend a bit of time in general... and most of my time playing Queen and cleaning up etc etc :yes:
  8. General > Celebrity > Vuitton > Coach
  9. I always go to General Discussion then LV and then the Showcase. I might also check out Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gucci and Dior if I feel like it. I also like to check out The Beauty Bar, The Wardrobe and the Glass Slipper once every few days.

    Edit: I forgot about Celebrity Watch! I like to see whats going on there, but I don't post much.
  10. I tend to jump around between handbags and purses, LV, general, wardrobe and celebrity section. Not in any particular order.
  11. I open multiple tabs - one for general discussion, one for the LV subforum and one for the celeberty (although I only take that once a day). In the subforums I open the intresting topics in new tabs and then reads the posts in their order. when I'm done with that I go back to the general subforum and LV to see if there's any new posts. I also visit the gucci and chanel subforum once every other day, but that's just random.
  12. I'm trying to stay away from the LV section since I PROMISED not to buy any more bags for the year so now I just spend most of my time in general.
  13. I've been playing alot around Gen Discussion lately... but I def creep around in the b-bag fourm and chanel.
  14. It's usually general Discussion then I move on to Coach and LV.
  15. I usually start out in general, then LV, then Hermes, then general again. Sometimes I check out celebrity and clothes/shoes sections too.
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