What's your personal style?

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  1. I think we had a thread about this once but I love seeing the answers. What are the hallmarks of your style?

    For me, I'm always going for sleekness, especially at work...I focus a lot on the fit and cut and condition of everything on my body. On the weekends the goal is casual but not slovenly (I take this seriously- I hardly ever wear jeans without some element that makes them polished, like a blazer, and I almost never wear T-shirts outside of the house unless they're layered under something else.) For going out at night the same principles apply but I'm usually trying to look polished and evening-y at the same time, which means adding some more interesting elements or putting things together in a more unusual way.

    I wear almost all neutrals with just the occasional splash of color (and it's usually a muted color like burgundy or whisper pink- almost never anything really bright.) I often do one color, or variations of it, from head to toe: camel and brown, black and grey, etc.

    I try not to repeat myself. I almost never put together the exact same outfit twice, or at least not twice in a month or so. The fun of an almost entirely neutral wardrobe is the ability to mix and match like that. And I usually have something new I can add like shoes or a top I just purchased.

    What style principles do you see yourself following- albeit maybe unconsciously?

  2. I have a couple reoccuring themes:

    - the ingenue (ie the schoolgirl): short skirt, heels, a white button down shirt, blouse or a sweater of some sort, a blazer
    - the secretary: pencil skirt, heels, fitted sweater or chiffon blouse
    - the sexpot: bright colors, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, or Gucci, high jeweled sandals, maybe a fur, weather permitting

    But a significant amount of time I am none of those.
  3. I tend not to buy neutrals or classics. If I do, it's often a twist on a classic. This is why although I have plenty of black pencil skirts, none of them are really a plain black wool pencil skirt, so matching can be difficult.

    I buy t shirts in bulk (even though I rarely wear them).

    I have a preference for evening wear. Favorite details/styles include: sequins, beading, lace, poufy skirts, mini lengths, bows.

    Right now belts are my favorite accessory, especially those by Roberto Cavalli (though Gucci ones are more "neutral"), which I wear over coats and even over crested blazers or sweaters.
  4. Mine is premium denim with pure a cotton t-shirt. Petit Bateau or adam+eve usually. In warmer weather I wear a Ralph Lauren linen blazer over this and in cooler weather I wear my Burberry coat. I go for fabrics and cut over anything else.

    My personal style is probably best summed up by what I DON'T wear than do: :P

    I never wear black.

    I never wear trends.

    I never wear high-heels.

    I never wear costume jewelry.

    I never wear any jewelry except for earrings.

    I don't carry shoulder bags.
  5. Shameless trendwhore. Just kidding. Sort of. May post a thoughtful response tomorrow.