What's your opinion...

  1. on the pony hair bbags? I'm contemplating whether I should get one in the near future. Any thoughts? Do they get dirty easily? Let me know what you think ladies... Thanks! :love:
  2. Interesting bags...but not for me...
  3. I personally have no interest in them. I'm all about the Bal leather. :yes:
  4. I only like the 'leather' bags :yes:
  5. I love how they look "glossy" and the silver hardware blows me over, but practically I am not sure how it would be to actually use. I have read of them balding as well and I don't want to have to baby my bags. Saks Fifth Ave in Boca Raton, FL had a black box, a pink/ swarovski first, the magenta/ purple first, as well as the greeny one in a first. Their number is 561 620 1355 and I would ask for Debbie/ Al.

    I wish you well,

  6. I think the ponyhair bbags are cute in a "novelty" sort of way- they feel nice but if I had one, I would be petrified of taking them out in case it rained and messed the hair up. They look high maintenance and I personally prefer the leather bbags.
  7. Christina carries a black one sometimes (either a twiggy or box) and it is drop dead gorgeous but more for evening because of the glossy sheen.
  8. I've never really liked them personally.I'm more of a "leather" girl.
  9. I like how they look, but like the other girls, not for me.

    Bridget: it's funny that they bald...ha ha.
  10. I'm not a fan of the pony hair bags. They look cheap IMO.
  11. Ditto with me - i've never been a fan of the pony hair, not just with bbags, but most things as well. Never understood the pony hair shoes for example!

  12. Eeks! They bald? :wtf: I didn't know that! Guess I'll pass on them as well. Thanks girls! :love: -Muah- :heart:
  13. ^I know, that made me laugh so much!
  14. I totally love the pony haired bags...wish I'd gotten my hands on a black twiggy, one can only wish.
  15. i perfer my b-bags to be leather all the way... but i dont mind the black on black pony hair....