What's your opinion...

  1. on a plomb RH weekender? I'm 5'11 and am looking for a big bag...would this be too plain or a good choice for this size? Thanks!
  2. I think thats a great choice... Plomb's a beautiful color IRL... and the weekender definitely fits the "Big Bag" part~! I say gO for it~! :okay:
  3. two weeks ago i would have said get the plomb with sgh - the combo is gorgeous but dare i say it - i think i just maybe falling out of love with the gh :shocked: i can't believe it's happening 'cos i absolutely :heart: :heart: :heart: ed it!! but i fear i may have overdozed slightly! :s play safe & get the rh - then again don't listen to me i may just be going :wacko:
  4. Explain the rationale for your own personal change of mind. Mine has been from RH to GH, to glutted with GH and wanting RH, back to GH lust again. I am now mighty confused!
  5. see what i mean? i even posted the thread twice! (oh! it's gone now!) oh you know the usual reasons - can't even make up my mind the reasons to give you - except for the main one - indecisiveness (is this even a word? - can't decide!) :nuts:
  6. I do like the GH on large bags (work and weekend) -- for me it's a matter of trying to keep it as light as possible and as affordable as possible. Thanks for your comments! This will be my first bbag!