Whats your opinion on this one?


Mar 30, 2006
Can I get an honest opinion about this one, i thought it would be nice as a christmas gift when I first saw it, but now i am rethinking...:confused1:


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cute... but not for me :P
it looks too small, and the flower in front kinda ruined it for me
Yea its such a mixed opinion bag, too much going on on one hand, but its got that vintage feel which is making me think a 1000 times whether to go return it.. paid a 100$ for it so i thought it was a good bargain..
I can see its appeal, but it definitely isn't for me and I guess that's the difficulty with giving such a 'strong' bag as a present - it might be what we call in our family a 'marmite' object (you either love it or hate it - for those of you who even know what marmite is!). I think I'd want to be quite sure of my recipient's taste. . .