What's your opinion on the Sac De Nuit?

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What kind of bag is the ostrich sac de nuit?

  1. Classic

  2. Trendy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have a turquoise ostrich sac de nuit MM that I'm debating about "selling." I've been cleaning out the closet and getting rid of shoes, bags, and clothes. I'm trying to trim the handbag collection to "forever" bags only at this point.

    My question is do you think the sac de nuit is "forever" bag or a "trendy" bag? I keep going back and forth and I need input. TIA

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  2. I love this bag
  3. Shalomdude has the same bag too. i think the SDNs are a "forever" bag to me. they're practically the 150th anniversary special edition bags :yes: KEEP!!!
  4. Honestly, I'd think about how much you use it. Don't keep it just because it's classic..keep it because you love it and know you'll use it. Otherwise, you should put the money towards something you WILL use.
  5. hey i love this bag :smile: ooh i love the color :smile:
  6. I love the turquoise color but not the naked canvas.
  7. omg. ive never seen that before!!!!! its so cute!
  8. I love this bag. It's too cute!
  9. I have this bag and I LOVE it .....I think it is a classic item and would love to locate a purple one;)
  10. I love it... I would keep it. :biggrin:
  11. love the bag!! Keep it!!
  12. I have loved this bag since the day i saw it 3 yrs ago. I drool none stop. I have spotted your ebay auction and drool even more. I'd love nothing more then have it.. the bank says no:crybaby:
  13. I am 98% sure I'm going to keep it if there is no sale at the end of the listing I have (it ends in like 7 days).