What's your opinion on the NF with different color interior?

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  1. Debating whether to sell my MM monogram NF (with plain ol' beige interior) for one of the new trendy colored ones (loving the magenta!)...are these going to be a regular offering in stores or is it limited edition?
  2. I'm having the some problem. I'm about to buy a neverfull mm but can't decide between the cerise or beige interior (I love the cerise but find the beige so classy)
  3. Go for the colours if they speak to you! I am so IN LOVE with my Abricot. It brings a smile to my face every time I peek into my bag.

  4. I agree! ^^ I LOVE my fuschia interior. It just brightens my day!
  5. Both the beige and cerise are beautiful, but if you're torn then maybe beige filled with colourful SLG's?
  6. I've been thinking too about buying one but heard the fuchsia color was rubbing off to other items inside. Has anyone had that issue with theirs?
  7. I only had colour transfer problems once with my DE NF and that is because the interior got a little damp from water and rubbed up against my azure pochette.

  8. I have this interior and haven't had any issues at all with color transfer. I've had it over a year.
  9. I just ordered one with the rose ballerine interior. Super excited! Hoping I love it! I think you should sell and get one with color.
  10. Thank you.
  11. Thank you

  12. Makes me smile looking at your pic! Gorgeous color, especially with sunlight hitting it!
  13. At first when they brought in the fuchsia and mimosa colors, I was a little on the fence between them and the beige. But they grew on me quickly and think it adds something to the NF. Plus I love how they line the Pochette with the interior color also.
  14. that's an awesome idea! thank you so much
  15. I don't know how I feel about them. At first I was kind of like "oh man I already have a NF" when they first came out but I am kind of happy my interior is just the beige. I feel like I would get sick of the color after awhile but that's just me.