What's your opinion on the mini-classique?

  1. Hey girlies, I was wondering what you guys think of the mini-first bag. Nobody seems to talk about this particular style. Too small for everyone? Anyone have photos? I think it's a REALLY cute tiny bag...
  2. I agree 100% it's really cute!!! I also agree 100% it's SMALL! I love it in eggplant! There was one on imagechic.com (MyPoupette's online store) sometime ago...don't know if it's still there.....
  3. It's adorable but just soooooooo tiny! I feel like I even dwarf the First sometimes, I can't imagine wearing this. I'd feel like Godzilla. BALZILLA!

  4. ^--- heehee- that's funny!!
  5. here is the pix. from eBay
    IMO, this one is cute but I prefer the First
  6. I think it is adorable, and I have been so tempted with the eggplant one cause I love the color... there is just no way I could use it, it's just way too tiny for me.
  7. I like the mini but I prefer the mini twiggy.
  8. I think I would prefer the First or maybe wait for the new Sphere GH for something extra special???
  9. It's a bit too small for my taste. The size is like a small evening bag, except it really isn't an evening bag. I agree with the previous poster, SPHERE. Can't wait to check it out in person!
  10. it's really cute and all but i think it won't fit all my stuff....i'd love to have one though :smile:

    i wonder what colors they come in, i've only seen just a couple....the mini in bubblegum would be super adorable!!!
  11. I had an apple green mini but sold it; wayyyyy to small for me, even as a going out bag (if I am to go small, I prefer a clutch).
  12. I posted these before, but here're my mini-Classique and mini Twiggy collections again:


    Roxane-Mini_classique.jpg Roxane-Mini_collection.jpg
  13. WOW! Roxanne! I love these pixies, I feel like I am looking at a Crayola box! Gorgeous!:drool: Amazing collection!:supacool:
  14. ^^ Holy Moley!!! You have an amazing collection!!!!!!