What's your opinion on the BBAG?

  1. Hello,

    I just bought my first bbag. Don't know how I'm feeling on it....

    SO enlighten me on how you feel about it. Is it a Classic? Trendy? Hideous? Beauty?

    No offense taken...

    Just trying to figure how I feel about...

    thanks everyone...

    (would also love to hear your favorite and least as well)

  2. I love mine, but could never have it as my only, every day bag!!!

    The size is perfect, the leather sublime, and I have to confess to feeling very grown up when I carry it, so I use it for occasions when I want to feel more lady like.

    I love the bag personally, so thats my opinion lol! ;)
  3. THanks for the reply......which one do you have?? and what do you think of the gold and canvas one?
  4. When it first came out and I saw it in person I thought it was hideous. Now I wouldn't say its a classic but I like them, and am in LOVE with certain ones:biggrin: Did you get the gold/canvas one? I like that one, wondered if I should get it because I have shoes that would go really well with it.
  5. Remeber, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don't like it one bit. I do love the baby b-bag though.
  6. I have the classic tan with black patent b's. Its very lovely leather!

    piccie here

  7. I love the Bbag! I really didn't like it at frist but once held one in person I loved it. It makes the perfect transition from Dressy bag to sort-of-dressy bag. It doesn't really work as a casual bag, though. I had the same one as Chloebabe.
  8. I bought the Gold/Canvas one from Barney's online for $629 plus tax almost a month ago. I was disappointed when I saw it in person. I don't know why, but it just didn't look as 'clean' to me. I couldn't decide what to do and then realized that I was settling for this bag. I actually really liked the black patent bbag, but I didn't get that either. Anyway, I ended up returning it and getting a YSL bag that I'm in love with. If you're not sure, you should probably return it. I just think you should really love the bag if your going to invest your money into it.
  9. I think the bbag is very nice but depends on preference. personally, i think the gold and canvas is just ok for two things: the gold is very shiny and the canvas is very hard to take care of. But overall the bbag design is awesome.
  10. Yea i think thats my dillema with the bag....If I'm having this much thought about....well sad to say this baby is going back~...Thanks everyone!
  11. Does anyone else find the B Bags heavy? :wondering