What's your opinion on soy?

  1. Oh yes! Always carnitas...double meat, please. :p I used to get one scoop of white rice in the bottom of my bowl but had to stop that because of the soy oil (upset my stomach). From what I have read on their site, the grilled peppers/onions are they only thing I get with soy and I am hoping it is negligible since it looks like they just lightly spray the grills with the oil.

    Carnitas and their guac...now I need some Chipotle for lunch.
  2. I think it works well for some people and not others. I struggle with it but have friends who love it and do well. I know the genotype / blood type diets break down the populations who supposedly benefit from it and those whose bodies react as if its toxic....
  3. Thank you for this info, I had no idea. I am so not going to eat any of the bad soy! How scary!
  4. Hmmm...so is tofu bad too? Tofu is a product of soy but what if you cook the tofu yourself and it's not those prepaid fake meat patties, etc? I haven't been able to find a comprehensive article about it online. I grew up eating tofu (Asian culture) so now all this info is kinda scaring me!
  5. I just read something today that said Tofu is included in the "bad soy" products.
  6. One of the articles linked here said that feeding your baby soy based formula/ milk is like giving your baby 5 birth control pills a day. That is how much estrogen is in the soymilk. :wtf:
  7. If it is non-GMO and fermented (Soy sauce, tamari, miso, natto) it is ok. But, most of the soy in the US is from GMO crops. Today's soy is not what it used to.
  8. I heard soy products weren't the best for you but i will continue to drink my soy milk. I can't stand regular milk, it makes me want to puke.:yucky:
  9. Why not just not drink any milk? Or do you need it for coffee drinks?:p
  10. I really just like soy milk. It's healthier than pop and juice but it's not as boring as drinking water. I like to drink it with breakfast. I don't mind regular milk in my coffee/tea/cereal but i just can't drink plain milk in a glass.
  11. I have steamed soy in my tea because I love that at Starbucks (it's very little soy and mostly straight hot tea)...I also have sprouted organic tofu about once a month. I read that soy can mess with your thyroid function and can be linked to weight gain. I like it because it's so easy to flavor and cook with.
    At home I have almond milk for shakes and things.
  12. I'm surprised so many of you suggest almond milk as an alternative. Soy milk tastes good, almond milk is terrible imo. So thick and disgusting.
  13. I like real milk, 2%. I guess I'm weird because I love it.
  14. I love skim milk the best, so I must be even weirder! :biggrin:
  15. Yup, you're a werido! :p

    I find that a cup of milk at night satisfies my cravings for ice cream, plus it's got good fats and proteins after my nightly workout.