What's your opinion on LUCY bags?

  1. I love structured bags and I think I am falling for Ms. Lucy:love:. Opinions please....

    1. Do you like Lucy and why?
    2. How would you wear her if you have one?
    3. Do you see Lucy as a dressy or a casual bag?
    4. what would be your preferred colour or leather?

    black lucy.jpg

    bbrown lucy.jpg

    croc lucy.jpg

    croc lucy side.jpg

    two tone lucy.jpg
  2. I love the name since my cat is called Lucy lol. How does this work size wise? On the shoulder bag?
  3. More lucy...

    lucy mm natural.jpg

    lucy stamp.jpg

    natural lucy.jpg

    red croc lucy.jpg

    red croc lucy2.jpg
  4. Wow that red one is gorgeous!!
  5. LTC, your taste is so varied and I love how you love all H bags!!!! You are a girl after my own heart!!! I heard these bags are more popular in certain regions of France where the women prefer to be under the radar. I like this bag and would carry it if I had one. However, this bag I would prefer in a bright color to make it a little more funky. The only problem is you already have a ton of red.

  6. That's a lovely name for a cat. Could you post a pic of your Lucy?

    As to sizes, Lucy bag comes in PM, MM and GM:

    PM H20xW18xD8cm
    MM H25xW21xD10cm
    GM H36xW31xD12cm

    I have only seen MM IRL. The straps are too short for Lucy to be a shoulder bag.
  7. Oh it sounds fab, I do like the discreteness of the shape:yes:

    Here is my Lucy:love:
  8. Nola: That's a cute and unusual cat. What breed is she?

    LTC: I'm sorry but I don't like the shape of the bag :sad:. It's too structured (very boxy) for me and I like unstructured bag. Go for it since you've fallen in love with her! :smile:.

    I think the bag can be suitable for both evening and day bag depending on the size you go for.

    I prefer it in bright color, i.e. orange, yellow
  9. A girl does need variety in her life:heart:!

    I went to an insane event which is basically a semi-annual gathering of H resellers from different parts of Japan (new thread in progress). I saw two unused chamonix Lucys with white topstitch in black and rouge H:nuts::love::love::nuts:. I do have a lot of rouge bags, but that's my favourite H colour. May be I should buy one, take her to France and find her other siblings.
  10. ^^ Nola, your Lucy is adorable. Just look at those cute round eyes.
  11. Well, you know, if you love rouge H and use it a lot, then don't let my opinion stop you. I LOVE black box, I go weak in the knees when I see it, more than any leather, including exotics. So, I buy it all the time. Never regretted it. So, if a rouge H Lucy is what makes you weak in the knees, then don't let me stop you. Rouge H box is my second favorite combo.
  12. where on earth do you find these? they are so sleek and understated!

  13. HERMESGROUPIE--dont knnow what you do in real life but you should be a stylist..........for those of us impaired in that way:smile:
  14. Ooooh! I would love the Lucy MM! What a great looking bag!

    Nola, your Lucy is so precious! Meow!