What's your opinion on FURLA?

  1. i'm more of a gucci loving freak, but i got a furla bag as a birthday gift and i'm thinking about returning it.:s I'm 17 and the style is too old for me.
    The store policy is that i can exchange but not get my money back. :wtf:

    Any recommendations????

    I'm thinking about the
  2. Personally I feel Yolande is also a little old for your age...have you handled it yourself? It's quite a structured bag.

    For more casual ones, I think a small Josee in suede may be pretty nice:
    Furla USA

    A Veronique may be good too:
    Furla USA
  3. Love Furla, but then again, I am 30, so you may have a few years. On the other hand, I think the Veronique is ADORABLE!! I love it in the suede or the green croc!
  4. I love Furla too but I'm 40, so what do I know? I don't think it would be the bag for me @ 17.

  5. I think the Farrah is a good bag.. I own one in the large version, but I saw a girl carrying the smaller version yesterday, and it was a very cute bag!
  6. I like Furla and I'm in my twenties. Their bags are made with quality leather and a lot of the styles are very simple yet elegant. Great for everyday bags when you don't want to be screaming out what designer you're carrying!

    Since you can only exchange - I'd recommend going in there and just trying on everything that catches your eye and I'm sure one of them will stand out!
  7. Luna,
    may I please ask you what is the bag on your avatar? Very nice color!
  8. It's the marc by marc jacobs totally turnlock tina in firebird red. ;)
  9. I too am a Gucci gal. However, I have learned to appreciate other designers. I am 32 and was in desperate 'need' of a red bag. I purchased an LV Speedy 30 in red from the Epi line and returned it. I walked passed the Furla boutique and saw the Yolande in Red 'Croco.' I purchased it and have received lots of compliments - it's gorgeous. Even though you are young, it sounds like you appreciate classic, sophisticated bags - it may work for you...
  10. Thank you, Luna!
  11. I like the Lynette best. It has a touch of the Chloe Betty without being, in any way, a copy:

    Furla USA
  12. Well... I'm 18 and personnally, my favourite bag is the Marta Bt76... I'm just a sucker for big hobo bags so.... that one is like :love:

    I think you should go for the one you like the most :yes:
  13. I love one furla bag, but they only carry it in Europe.
    Check out the pic;)

  14. I'm 22 and I have the Furla Carrie in white (without the studs on the bottom sides) and it's a perfect bag! You can throw everything in there and it looks great. I used to use it for college books too and I was able to lug everything around. And it's gorgerous leather, very understated luxe bag.

    It looks like this but without the studs...
    Furla 'Carrie' Studded Shoulder Bag - Furla - Nordstrom.com
  15. I have always loved Furla and wanted one -that being said, I am pretty much a "classic" kind of girl... I do love my "fun bags" but I believe Furla sells great every-day bags. Maybe I would keep it for when I'm a bit older or why not update it with a nice touch like a keychain, brooch or ribbon?