whats your opinion on buying a "pre owned" lv?

  1. Do you think it takes away from having the whole lv experiance or do you enjoy it just as much?
  2. I enjoy buying period so in the store or online is all good to me...but there's nothing like walking into an LV store and being fussed about by the SA. Priceless ;)
  3. I recently bought a bag that was preowned....and it was like new. When looking around at used bags...I tend to gravitate towards new looking bags....I have purchased a few....not many. I love going into the shops to bag shop...but once in awhile a good deal comes along!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i enjoy shopping around- ebay is fun to look for things if you know what you want. i know what i will pay at the store, and for some items i only want new. however, there are others, like smaller items, that if i can get one that's in new condition, and save some money, then why not? i won't buy anything used that's really used, though.
  5. Either way. It's new to me and I love it.
  6. I prefer buying from the boutique... but for others that prefer to buy pre-loved LV, hey that's awesome too! At least it's real! :biggrin:
  7. I prefer going to the store and buying it new. I'll only buy pre-owned LV if its discontinued and not available at the store!:yes:
  8. To each their own, but I would not buy a preowned bag. I also do not buy used clothing and etc.
  9. nope, cannot do
  10. I love pre-loved LV! It gives me a chance to decide whether I want to buy it new. What usually happens is that the novelty wears off and I sell her to get something else. If I am REALLY in love with a certain style, I buy it new at LV.
  11. I prefer to buy my LVs from the boutiques but I don't mind buying pre-owned LVs if they are in very good near-new condition and within 2 years old. Preferably pre-owned epi or suhali since they show the least wear with age.
  12. Sometimes if you are careful, very careful, who you buy from, then it is an excellent experience. It is fun buying from the store and I have done both, but ultimately it doesn't matter as long as the bag looks good.
    I wanted a Vernis Lexington in a discontinued color so I had to go with pre-owned.
    I use Toolhaus.org to check the backround on Ebay sellers and avoid anyone with suspicious feedback.
  13. I want my own shiny new bag! I don't like my bags being touched by other people...
  14. I think I agree with this, i've been handed down some vintage LV but I have yet to be able to buy anything like this used........I can't even buy used cars, it may not be the most economical thing but I tend to think of used items as other peoples problems......that said, looking at some PFers great experiences with pre-owned LV makes me think about venturing into this, but it has ended there so far......
  15. i would rather purchase from the boutique as well.. but once in a while, you'll run into a new bag at a great deal on ebay.. and it's hard to pass it up!! either that, or if your looking for a discontinued piece, then sometimes second hand is the only way to go!