What's your opinion of the new tags?

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  1. I was planning on getting a Speedy for Christmas but I found out that they changed the tags so I don't know if i'm just over reacting by preferring to get an older used bag with the tags from before the change. What do you think? I'm not sure if it only affects the U.S. or here as well but I guess i'll check it out soon.
  2. Thanks, I read both of the treads and I think other people would buy pre-loved or vintage more often now. I'm still undecided if I would go for a new regular Speedy or a pre-loved one though. I might get a pre-loved in Mono and a new one in DE since it's not as noticeable.
  3. It is kind of confusing as some are adament about not having it and some it does not bother. I bought a Verona MM in May and did not realize until a few weeks ago it had the cloth tag. I just exchanged my speedy 30B in DE for a Westminster that has the cloth tag. I cannot decide if the cloth tag bothers me enough to return it. I know the SA was a little defensive about it and said that it is creating jobs in the US and who could be against that? My Verona is amazing quality but the tag is right under the D ring so its not the most attractive thing. The DE blends in pretty well but I do not have any in the mono to see. I know there are some pics of it....Good luck with your decision!
  4. I don't think more people will buy pre-loved. There is still the fear that no matter how good the authentications are it could be fake. Even when you are sure it is authentic there is still that 1% of you that wonders. Also, most people like the store experience that buying new gives them! :smile:
  5. Thanks, you have good taste I like those bags you chose. I'm just starting out in LV and i'm going with basics like the Speedy and Speedy B before branching out to more unique pieces. I'm still waiting for my first LV to arrive in the mail, They didn't have it in store so I just got a pre-loved one, it's a Vernis Bedford. I don't think the cloth tag would bother me if it were a DE but a Mono is more obvious about it so i'm just looking for a Speedy 30 before the change.
  6. OMG yes! I have that all the time when i'm looking online. I'm just looking for the Mono Speedy 30 before the tag change then it's all cloth tags after that for me.
  7. WOW! Great choice on a first bag for the Bedford..I love the papillion style....I have been collecting for awhile, kindo of kicking myself for selling some bags that I probably shouldn't have..I love my speedy and use it every day so I think it is a great choice! I am going to give the Westie a once over lookie before deciding..It really is a great bag so I am not sure if I will return but the tag thing is not making me really want to buy any more LV. The speedy 30B in DE was a real disappointment for me. I will start looking at pre-lvoed as well.
  8. Do you think I should look for pre-loved for the Mono Speedy B 35? I don't think anyone would want to sell theirs anytime soon since it's a new release and the tags changed soon after.
  9. When I exchanged it for the mono speedy 30B the canvas did feel alot better but the hardware was still mismatched. That bothers some and others were able to overlook it. It is going to be your preference. I did just see a like new mono 35B speedy on Yoogis but it was sold quickly. If you are near a store, I would try them on and take a look and see if you like it. I think there are plenty of places for authentication that it should be ok.
  10. Yeah, I saved it to my wish list on yoogi's and saw that after a few days it was gone :lol: I tried it on the other day but was trying to see where the made in tag was but didn't see any. I didn't notice the cloth tag so It won't bother me if it was a Speedy B. What is the mismatched Hardware?
  11. The hardware on the bag (rings) and the strap hooks were different colors of brass on both the DE and mono but not as noticeable on the mono. I think going forward it is going to be pretty hard to find a bag that does not have the cloth tag in the US. I was told by customer service they will be doing this on all bags even the MIF and MIS ones. She said it changes nothing about the bag and all the same materials are being used. She did mention the Artsy handle was made in India due to the braiding...I did not know that!
  12. I think the cloth tag will only affect someone's decision if it's in plain sight all the time when you open the bag but overall it's nothing to stop going to LV for.
  13. I will stop buying when I see it changing the quality of the bag. So far, the speedy DE 30 was the only bad one I got but I am going to look more into pre-owned and look into other designers as well.
  14. I'm not a fan of the cloth tag and probably would avoid it.. Unless I really liked the bag
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