What's your opinion of the fur trend

  1. I agree with bnji 100% I don't like it either and I wish I could ban it forever!
  2. Without getting into the real vs faux debate, I think it depends entirely on the item. I've seen gorgeous coats, vests, jackets, collars and capes. However, I've also seen dreadful examples of all of those things, too. I suppose like anything else, it can be done well or poorly. Generally speaking, though, I am not fond of bags that incorporate fur.
  3. I like fur vests and have a furry purse so...I guess I am on board with fur!!!:p
  4. Love it on tasteful pieces in a neutral tone on cropped jackets, coats, and vests. I don't like crazy colored dyed fur. My favorite has to be broadtail lamb fur, Marni always has gorgeous furs that I drool over. I got a light grey lamb fur vest from Zara for $200 last year that I love and get compliments on all the time.
  5. I think fur is a nice look. I don't think its right that people think they are so above things because they don't like fur. Just because you don't like things, don't pour paint on it or punch them out. Hypocrisy, really. You can say its inhumane to kill animals, but hurting one of your own? gtfo.

    I don't like diamonds but that doesn't mean I get a right to rip them off someone's ear..
  6. I wouldn't exactly call fur a "trend."
  7. Fur fashion has been around forever so I agree but I think it's "trending" more now than it has in the past. Does that make sense? That's my interpretation anyway.

    Personally I prefer faux to real fur too ;)
  8. i love fur too! im not animal rights activist but i cant afford new real fur...so i have have faux and vintage
  9. I like that some of the designers are using faux fur now, and faux is showing up in movies too. Angelina Jolie's stole/hat in Salt were faux chinchilla. Long may it continue.
  10. I like faux
  11. As a by-product of the meat trade (so cow, sheep, lamb) I'll happily wear leather and shearling / Sheepskin as all the animal used.

    If a carnivore and bred purely for its coat then no, won't wear as prefer to see it on the animal.

    However, for indigenous people (inuit etc) who utilise most of the animal and who face sub-zero temperatures and don't have easy access to alternatives such as goretex then can understand their need to cull an animal..for some lady in London / New York etc wanting to look chic..no, don't like.

    Yes it makes little sense (either way animal dies) but I'm an omnivore so designed to eat meat as well as vegetables. Im not a vegetarian so justify wearing the skin of the animal that I eat. I don't eat dog or horse so won't wear it..don't eat mink, coyote etc so won't wear. Eat beef, lamb and salmon so will wear leather, sheepskin and salmon skin....but that's just me.
  12. Not big on fur honestly (love leather, though. Never claimed to be a good person.). I'm not into the luxe trend. It's not me.
  13. i like the look of it, real or faux, if it's done in tastefully small amounts. stoles, capelets, vests, trim on coats and accessories, etc. the whole huge floor-length fur coat thing will always be a mystery to me :shrugs:

    as far as the ethical issue, i don't particularly approve of the way the fur industry is run, with very little regulation and few assurances of humane standards. however, i don't get the whole "if you eat leather and hate fur, you MUST be a hypocrite" argument - it makes no sense to me. compare it to often eating chicken and fish, and only rarely red meat...i don't see any inconsistency in trying to limit overall animal consumption, for either food or luxury. less consumption is always a good thing, no matter how you break it down, and for that reason i try to buy vintage fur and very little of it, rather than actively fund an industry i don't really support.
  14. I'm a contradiction - I eat red meat (love it!) and wear leather & shearling, but I will not wear or purchase real fur, unless it is vintage. Vintage for me means pre-1960, btw. I prefer faux fur and love the look. I have 2 vintage faux fur coats - one waist-length and one full-length faux mink - that I wear often in the winter. I think it is really fun to pair them with more casual outfits like jeans & boots.

    Faux fur has come a long way, I believe all of the fur Victoria Beckham wears is faux.
  15. that's pretty much how i see this.