What's your opinion of Mary Frances evening bags?

  1. I don't live in the US, and I recently came across beaded and bejeweled evening bags in Manila that are being sold in the US under the Mary Frances label. Actually, I bought one at factory cost (see it on this page).

    I know it's sold on eBay and ShopNBC. But beyond that, I know nothing. But what's the general assessment of the Mary Frances collection among bag afficionados in the US?
  2. I love them!!!
    I have three of them and they are works of art.
    I only wear them when we attend a "dress up" event and I always get compliments.
    I live in S. FLA and one of them has a tropical theme (Coconut Grove).
    They are beautiful.
  3. Sorry, not really my style - too frilly/busy :shrugs:
  4. Yes, "Coconut Grove" is beautiful. I wanted that one but it was too small for my build.
  5. I have two Mary Frances bags that have flamingos because that's what I collect. I have never actually used them, since I don't do a lot of red carpet entrances. They really are works of art.
  6. Well, I was a bad girl today.

    Even though I had already bought one purse, the sample sale was just next door to me. After watching women walk away with bags and bags of stuff, I finally relented and bought another five! Cheapest was $43; most expensive, $65. Total $271, the price of one Mary Frances bag in the US.

    My hubby, who bankrolled this shopping insanity, figures that when I tire of them, i can sell them on eBay, or to my friends.