Whats your opinion of ebene?

  1. I just saw a ebene bolide, palladium hardware - I am trying to decide whether this is affirmatively a good choice or whether I am just being impatient. I am in a quandry as to whether I should buy it or hold out for black, tan, or blue jean. Any advice or opinions are, as always, welcomed and appreciated,

  2. I actually love ebene. It is so dark, it could almost pass for black. But you should hold out for what you truly love!!!

    BTW- I think the NM in Troy Michigan has a few Bolides - one I think is black, and there may be some others by now. Definitely worth a call.

    Main number is (248) 643-3300
    or feel free to call my SA, Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 she can definitely help find you what you are looking for! If not, call a few hermes stores (such as NYC on Madison Ave, Chicago) and see what is in stock! Good luck!
  3. I love Ebene too. I saw it in a Bolide and it was gorgeous.

    My only problem is I have so many brown bags I think for me I would choose a different color. Sounds like you are on the fence so maybe you should wait and see a few others before you decide? Unless you can't live without it, then get it! :flowers:
  4. Ask yourself...do you love it? If you do...then you know it is for you. If you second guess yourself...you need to pass.
    It's definitely my favorite brown.
  6. I'm with KB on this one. Hold out for a color you really want and think you will use. I prefer some of the other browns to Ebene which is a bit too dark of a brown for me personally. If I go that dark I always think I may as well get black. :yes:
  7. Yes with that kind of money you're paying, always go for something you like and WILL wear. Brown is always a good choice to match most color clothes, more than black surprisingly. Hermes has many shades of brown, check them out before deciding on ebene if not sure - that way - no regrets :smile:
  8. I adore ebene! Wongnumber, SoCal and I were just chatting in another thread about this colour and how under-rated it is. Good to see some more ppl here loving this colour as well.

    But if it's not really singing to you, just wait for the one that does:smile:
  9. i will search for your thread - the ebene bolide is really is beautiful - i like it on a visceral level, and need to sort out if its a good match up with my wardrobe colors - i really appreciate the info/advice
  10. Look in the Hermes in Hangzhou thread. Somewhere around the middle. And bear with us, we digress a lot!

    I think SerenitySue and I were also talking Ebene briefly in another thread, forget which.
  11. stephanie, i'm a sucker for Hermes neutral colors & ebene is definitely one of my favourites! :heart:

    I have a Trim shoulder bag in barenia ebene/horsehair crinoline combo & I love this bag a lot!!! It's a great neutral & very easy to wear. I find Hermes browns more "interesting" than black! :flowers:
  12. Steph I have a 28cm rigide chevre Kelly in ebene with Pall hardware. Love it! Very rich looking dark brown. If I do brown, I want it dark, the lighter milk choc. brown looks to wishy washy to me. I'm with Gigi that it is more interesting than black.
  13. Oh GK, could we pls have a pic of this beauty??:flowers: And I agree, lighter browns are wishy-washy to me too.:roflmfao: I'm def a dark choc kinda gal!
  14. Ebene is a gorgeous, cool-toned (thus v. wearable) brown, so yay from me! I generally prefer the Hermes browns to black esp. on a bolide.
  15. Sue, looks like the ebene fans are coming out of the woodwork! :upsidedown:

    I'm not really a brown gal, up to gold or cognac on the H chart is what I can tolerate, but ebene is beyond brown, it's such a great colour that almost seems to vary with the lighting, taking on different hues of black, grey or brown depending on how you look at it. It's something that's not as severe as black, and can be used all seasons. I'm in love with ebene.. :heart: