What's your opinion about LOEWE bags??

  1. Hi, I'd like to know your opinion about this spanish brand, now in LVMH group. I think the leather is one of the best in the world!!!!
  2. Very nice bags. I nearly bought one last year in Harrods, but went for a Chanel instead.
  3. I heard Loewe has wonderful quality. But they don't have stores in U.S. :crybaby:They were acquired by LVMH group?! Really?! That's such a great news. Does it mean eLuxury will carry Loewe in the future?
  4. Loewe is fantastic!! The leather is so buttery soft. I've got a couple of their bags and would really like to get more.

    I think there is a Loewe store in San Francisco and Honolulu but there is no where to get their bags online that I know of. I'd be in real trouble if there was. There's a store here in Sydney as part of DFS Galleria but I'm too scared to go there!
  5. I love Loewe, especially the Amazona and Napa Aire. The leather is TDF!