What's your "oldest" Coach that you still use occasionally?

  1. I have a Soho tote in the most gorgeous shade of butter yellow soft leather that I bought 11 years ago. I still pull it out during the summer and use it every now and then. I just can't seem to get rid of it! The style really doesn't look dated at all. I saw similar totes at the outlet recently.

    Anyway, thought it might be fun to see which bags we "always fall back on"!
  2. The British Tan station bag I bought way back in 1993 (or was it 1994?). A friend recently wore it for three weeks in Italy. It still looks great.
  3. My first post!!!! Black Patricia's Legacy I got as a birthday gift from hubby like 10 years ago. It was my first Coach, and I still love it! oh, and I still love hubby too:smile:, and blame him for introducing me to Coach!
  4. My black signature demi pouch. It was my very first Coach bag and I got it back in high school. It is the perfect little black bag and great for going out to a bar or something, where you dont want to bring a bag that will stain easily. A couple of years ago, when I was in college, some frat boy spilled an ENTIRE solo cup of beer on it at a party. :bagslap: It was soaked all the way through! But the cleaners got the nasty Budweiser smell out and its as good as new! I love it because its a trooper and always stays gorgeous! :rolleyes:
  5. I have a mahogany leather shopper (I'm not sure of the exact name) that I got in 1998 that I still carry. It was my first Coach bag, and it still looks great. I'll probably carry it this winter a few times. I think that the new Bleeker collection looks similar to the older styles, to be honest.
  6. I have a city bag that I still use that I got several years ago. I still love it!
  7. I have a Hamptons Carryall that I still use. It's the small denim one with the dark pink leather on the handles and the dk. pink leather Creed on the front. It's cute and summery!
  8. 10+ year old navy blue small backpack (can't remember the name offhand - something like "small daypack"?) that has a turnlock and drawstrings underneath, and my Lexington briefcase that my mom bought me when I was still job interviewing in college!! So that must be (ack!) about 17 years old and still looking absolutely beautiful. Doesn't hold a laptop but works great when all I need are some papers for a meeting.
  9. My oldest coach is my 1st Coach bag a khaki signature clip hobo. No I don't use it. But I still love it.
  10. The bag I bought to go off to college...in the summer of 1976! It was my first "grown-up" bag. And my only "nice" bag for a long time, too.

    Yes, I still use it from time to time. Too many memories to ever let it go!
  11. I have a british tan station bag and a dark brown chocolate daypack that both look gorgeous. I don't take them out much but they still look fantastic!
  12. I have a Navy Blue Doctor's frame bag. It is gorgeous. I also wear a British Tan Messenger type bag - I just carried it on Sunday.

  13. My oldest bag is from the same year I think, its the white with the pink on the handles and the creed on front. I like the white but I would LOVE to find this in denim, I'm so jealous!! Great style and I like the nylon-ish stuff much better than the more satiny stuff they have had in the past few years.

    I also have a large black leather "skinny", anyone remember these?? They are flat but are much larger and work great for an extra pocket in a bag if you need it.
  14. My first and oldest Coach item is my Signature black demi. I don't remember exactly when I got it, but I think it may have been around the time when I first started college, so around 1997. I remember seeing it with my mom at the BX and liked it and my parents bought it for me. I always felt it was special, because 1. my parents bought it for me and 2. it was my very first Coach, so I ONLY used it on special occasions. To this day, the only time I use it is if I go out to nice dinners where a small black purse would be best for my outfit. Otherwise, my stuff now won't even fit in it anyway!! *lol* I also had lent it to my best friend for an event and she ended up getting a tiny white mark on the bottom piping and she was SO devistated and sorry - but I just look at it as a war wound and whenever I see it I think of her. *lol*

    Whenever I go to the Waikele outlet, I see a bunch of this style on the shelf... and just think back to how I had gotten mine 10 years ago!
  15. I may be selling it on eBay soon! Although I have no clue on how to price it??!!:confused1: