What's your oldest bag?

  1. What is your oldest bag? What style and color? Did you buy it new or in what condition? Has it had spa/refurbish treatment? What is the story behind your current oldest bag?
  2. Sus, great topic!

    My oldest Hermes is a 1991 black Box Calf Mini Kelly sellier. I just love her!

    Bought from a very nice Ebay seller after consulting with my "experts" and have had her 3 years. She goes places with me in the evenings and loves to occasionally wear a Twilly and/or a charm. In fact, she went out with me last evening. She enjoys wine:upsidedown:

    Condition....excellent. No dryness or cracks anywhere.... Looks new....she did visit Mr Claude once right after I bought her as her toggle was loose upon her arrival at my house and I had it replaced. She had a spa treatment at the same time.
  3. Sounds lovely Susi. Can you post a picture of her? Or better yet you and her?
  4. Oh, I LOVE this thread! Can't wait to read more!

    Mine is a late 50's, 28cm Havanne Porosus Croc Kelly with a history I can only imagine. I haven't had her very long but she came to me in pristine condition which leads me to believe that she's led quite a pampered existence. I imagine that she was owned by a lady of means who went to fine lunches in white gloves and pretty hats. Maybe bought Dior dresses and cashmere twin-sets.

    I baby her and sometimes she gets to go with me when I go to San Francisco and special events. But a lot of the time she lives in her sleeper in a prime spot inside my French armoire.

    Condition......excellent! I brought her in to SF to see if they thought she should go for a spa treatment and they said she didn't need it. I know she was looking forward to it though......

    Here she is....I just adore her!!!!
  5. Shopmom - she's just beautiful. She shows how Hermes bags can last for several generations and still look good. Thanks for the photo.
  6. ShopMom, your vintage Croc Kelly is stunning:heart: What a beautiful find!!

    I took out Miss Mini Kelly for a photo op.....it wasn't until I started studying the pics that I realized that the second one, of her turned to her side....is accompanied by what some people call a *spirit* ( see just to the left of the bag ) Whether a person believes that or not....it gave me a shiver to think that maybe someone from her past might be nearby:smile:

    Again, her stats: 20cm, Sellier, U in a circle ( 1991 ) Black Box calf, gold h/w.
    HermesMiniKellyfront.JPG HermesMiniKellyside.JPG
  7. OMG Susi......I adore your Mini Kelly!!!!! And the heart cadena fits so perfectly.....she's beautiful!
  8. I agree with Shopmom. The cadena on your mini kelly looks stunning.
  9. Hey you great bag owners,
    I don't want to find fault with you at all! but as I see it is a recurrent mistake I think I should say that it's cadenas and not cadena. It's a French word for lock. The final -s however is not pronounced so the pronunciation shoùld be cadena!! Thought it would be nice to mention! xxx
  10. Thanks IPG. Woops - I should know better as my DH speaks french. Cadenas it is!
  11. ok just got her today - warning, she is very old and battered 9a bit like her owner, ha ha!). she is a work in progress but it was love at first sight...
    32 cm chocolate box kelly. she is stamped B and K, (no circles, squares etc!) so either 1946 or 1955, depending which is craftsmen stamp..
    she is my restoration project - previous 2 kellys were 1962 and 1964!
    P1010960.JPG P1010961.JPG P1010962.JPG P1010964.JPG P1010965.JPG
  12. more pics - waiting for my Blackrocks, lexol and Tarrago to come so she can be pampered....
    P1010967.JPG P1010970.JPG P1010971.JPG
  13. Well my eldest is a vintage 1960s Kelly that my grandmother gave me a while back nothing out of the usual 32 cm black box but pretty she has had spa facelift and an implant LOL that means new HW- facelift and a new handle-implant

    As for my my eldest it's a 2003 black swift birkin with ghw love of my life slouchy floppy and happy she has had no work done simply because I can not stand being apart from her but I think it's time she gets a little pampering you see the rest of my Hermes bags are very well cared for babied even so my black swift is my everyday bag a little while back I got a 40 cm fjord gold but it's just not my swift so I'm thinking of selling this and getting another swift 35 cm.
  14. 1961 Bleu Marine 26 Sac Mallette :love:
  15. Pre-loved 2001 barenia toile. came to me fairly beat up and a wee bit worse for wear. Manuela spa'd her up, reduced the darkness of the handles, cleaned the toile, and spruced up the corners. still well loved, but lovely, lovely, lovely

    Pre-loved 2001 VO barenia. SPA'd before she came to me. lovely, floopy.