What's your occupation.....

  1. Hi there,

    I know how we all love to splurge on our LV's....just wondering what kind of job you have to support your LV habit? :idea: I work in Sales in Markeing for The Ritz-Carlton in Hawaii.
  2. I'm an Accountant for a mortgage company.
  3. I am a lawyer and a mediator although I don't have a practice as a lawyer; I work for the "Agentur für Arbeit" or Federal Agency for Employment; which means that my salary isn't too big but stable and punctual and I get a Christmas bonus ( I don't know the correct term in English, sorry) and last year's bonus went into a Burberry Manor bag...
    I also can end my week's work at 1.00 pm on Fridays... and I think this is also a value, having time to spend.
    Sometimes on Saturdays I work at a local shop for wedding and evening dresses which means extra pocket money for my bags...
  4. I'm a grad student who saves up and splurges.
  5. I'm work as Cabin Crew for Emirates airlines.
  6. I'm a stay at home right now, but I am a speech-language therapist. I'll go back to work once my kids are in school.
  7. I am an Administrative Receptionist which allows for plenty on time on tPF during the day. :happydance:
  8. Final year law student :smile:
  9. I'm an accountant for a large bank... lots of hours... not lots of fun, but i'm also currently in grad school to get my CPA so I can go into private accounting. I need to work with more people and less in a cube behind a computer screen. LOL
  10. I'm Financial Analyst at a research company in Winnipeg, Canada.
  11. I'm the Computer Training Center manager for a gov't agency. :whistle:

    I'm also an MBA candidate (majoring in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development)
  12. I'm an IT Consultant during the week, and on Sunday (once the prime shows are back on) I help interview guests for one of Australia's TV shows.
  13. I'm a Real Estate Agent & Listing Coordinator in NYC. Currently on maternity leave :love: ... If you want to rent, buy or sell your property in Manhattan, you know who to look for :okay:
  14. I'm a paralegal. I also work part-time as a church organist and choir director and also play the piano at a restaurant on Saturday evenings.
  15. Its so interesting to see what you all do! I'm currently a student in college finishing up my 2nd year and transfering to university around the end of this year. I'm working on getting my B.A. in psychology. I don't work so I save up money that my parents give me for bags, and my sweet bf buys me some LV from time to time.