What's your next purchase?

  1. I'm really digging the sac bosphore!! :heart::yahoo::heart:
    I'm getting paid the end of this week so I'll update if I end up splurging! :smile:
    How about you guys?
  2. A mono french wallet from elux. And, maybe an azur speedy 25 if they have them in stock............
  3. i just bought a limited edition bag, and i'm about to get another one, both from previous seasons :graucho:. i'm also thinking of the black Suhali L'Ingenieux PM and Mini Lin Saumur :tender:
  4. I'm thinking about the mono french wallet, too...and the green perfo cles from elux!
  5. Right now I am focusing on picking up my agenda refill. After that an agenda pen (maybe a scarf too). Then, I will start saving for my next bag. I am hoping in the meantime LV will come out with something new to catch my attention.
  6. I'm getting the Dentelle Kirsten in gold and more inclusions!
  7. Azur Naviglio:yahoo: ... But it's coming out at the end of March:push: , I'm on the waitlist for it though.;)
  8. i have a jack and lucie coming. and i just got a chanel for an early birthday present! :yahoo:
  9. batignolles vertical and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The anticipation is more than I can bear, I have to wait till the end of May earliest.
  10. Manhattan PM :heart: and a new wallet!
  11. I am on the waitlist for Damier Azur Key and Change Holder. I just got a koala agenda two weeks ago, now I am buying something else. It's just too hard to stop buying!
  12. Manhattan PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it,i want it ,i want it!!!!:p
  13. Santa Barbara shoes.. and then hopefully a BH or MC noe
  14. I'd like to get a cles or bandeau next month in Vegas. No bags because I just got 2............if by some miracle, a heart coin purse is there, I will definitely snag that!
  15. Speedy 35 !!! I'll have it on 24th march, day of my bday !!!