What's YOUR next LV??

  1. Seeing as much more time is surely spent thinking about your next purchase, rather than actually making it - unless you're Paris Hilton, or Athena Onassis! - let's share our thoughts!

    I love planning a new purchase, thinking about what I want, researching what styles there are and searching (usually on eBay for me) for that perfect one.. I find the excitement anticipation of the purchase is almost better than actually getting it in the end! Well.. almost..! :graucho:

    Come share what you're planning to buy next, and why..

    My next purchases: :wlae:

    * Damier Cles - to attach to my Damier Koala agenda as a coin purse
    * Mono Speedy 35, vintage - 'cos I love BIG ol' bags!
    * Mono Cerises Porte Monnaie - to attach to my Speedy 35 as a bag charm
  2. I am thinking that I will probably start saving up for the epi ivoire Alma! I love the classic shape of the bag and it's not so white that I can't carry it all through the year. I LOVE white bags, I think they look so chic. Plus I am dreaming of all the ways I can dress it up!
  3. Ohhhh.. Almassss.. I've loved those forever, and it's something that's come on and off my wishlist constantly. The only thing is that they look a bit tidy for me; having said that, I can see a very vintaged one finding it's way into my bag closet sometime in the future!

    I guess I should have done a 'future' list, as well as an 'asap' list..!

    My eventually purchases!:

    * Mono Croissant GM - top of my 'eventually' list! The only reason it's not already on my 'next' list is the price.. :oh:
    * Red Epi Soufflot - for that incredible shape!
    * Green Epi Speedy 30 - love that green Epi colour
    * Mono Papillon 30 - classic
    * Large Bucket Bag - love the look of these vintage
    * Mono Treville - ditto, I love the shape and they look awesome vintage

  4. I want an Azur Neverfull
  5. gold mirroir lockit because I missed the mirroirs the first time around!
  6. i am still undecided but it will definitely be a barrel bag- either an epi ivoire/mandarin soufflot or a damier pap 30.
  7. Ohh, Makeupmama, a mandarin soufflot..! :drool:

    Well, I've already crossed one off my list - I ended up buying the Cles today after starting this thread! :tup:
  8. I am suppsed to be on a ban and the only bag I am really allowed to get is the Damier Sophie and I am waitlisted for it.

    However, I am lusting after the Koala in Amarante and am also waitlisted for the the Neverfull in Damier...oh, and I really, really want some Soupcon Sunnies.

    I need to STOP though so I am going to go with Sophie as the last purchase of 2007!
  9. mirage/degrade speedy is up next. i am waitlisted for the damier sophie, motard pochette, denim neo cabby, and the cruise speedys.
  10. I think there are at least a couple of threads already started in the general LV forum!
  11. I think I would like a new Wallet in a darker color for my Damier bags.
  12. Epi speedy in Ivory
    Mono Speedy 30
    a mono cosmetic bag
    a mono change purse
    and a mono agenda
  13. Neo Cabby in black denim or a white le fab! or BOTH!:graucho:
  14. I think mine will be the Damier Neverfull or the Red Epi Speedy with gold hardware.
  15. I would really like a Keepall 45 without strap and an agenda