What's your next Juicy purchase?

  1. Juicy Couture 'Her Royal Highness Daydreamer' Tote

    I want this purse soooo bad!
  2. Love the daydreamer! Which color?
  3. I'm eyeballing a Martinique Pink messenger bag that's just gorgeous. :heart: Big enough to be a laptop case, but I can also carry it as a regular everyday bag. I also really want one of the paisley design bowlers, saw a blue/green one at Nordstrom Rack and I was like ahhhh I want it! I hate being broke lol.
  4. Hi I'm new here! I just buy a baby fluffy in nardels from Juicy's site! I just discovered the sequined daydreamer bag which I would love to have!
  5. I wanted to buy the silver chinese takeout box charm.... but i just discovered that my unicorn charm i bought last week from eBay might be fake..... so i'm a bit weary of buying on eBay now

    (i live in the netherlands eBay is almost the only way for me to get the charms without high shipping costs).
  6. I got a charm bracelet back in January & I havent worn it because I only have one charm on so far. I def need to get more charms. :smile:
  7. Best thing to do is try and get it authenticated here before purchasing :smile: ;)
  8. Yeah... i think i'm not gonna get it soon. I saw someone selling it on ebay. But it is the same seller who sold me the unicorn. So i don't think they are 100% authentic.

    Link to ebay if anyone wants to check
  9. I'm looking out for the Scooter charm, due to a love for lambretta's. :smile:
  10. I just got my Juicy keychain & it is soo adorable! I would try to get one on ebay for cheaper. I see them selling for max $45 ;)
  11. Im thinking of up grading my juicy velour hoodie but im not tooo sure yet ....
  12. i will be doing a reveal of my first juicy items hopefully this week :p