What's your next Juicy purchase?

  1. Hi gals!
    Just wanted to start a thread where you can post the next Juicy items that are on your wish list! I'm planning on getting a charm starter bracelet in gold with the pave cherry charm.

    Don't be shy! Come share what's next on your Juicy shopping list here! :yahoo:
  2. i know the bird's nest charm is now on sale im hoping to get it under $30 including shipping ive had my eye on that one since it came out
  3. That's a really pretty charm! Haven't seen it in person though only through their site. Let us know if you get it!
  4. i keep eyeballing the new straw striped daydreamer tote

    i want navy blue, but i only see it in black or white...

    i can't decide if i want to settle or wait til the blue comes out.

    and if i do settle, do i get black or white, or both.

    that gold straw is gorgeous!!!

    i just hate the octopus charm.
  5. I just ordered my 1st Juicy Couture starter charm bracelet off of endless.com $42.00 so excited!!!
  6. I want to get a watch, preferably a black one!
  7. too much to list!!!!
  8. Hi, I just purchased some Dirty English for men, does anyone else like it?
  9. Shopping shopping!! I LOVE IT
  10. I want the grey and black sequin daydreamer. I know its been out for awhile now. I see it at the outlet and its probably going to be my next juicy purchase. I just bought a juicy bag at the outlets and it was 50% off so i got it for $78+tax!! What a great price! I also bought a juicy sweater for $50.
  11. Congrats on your new purchases! That sequin daydreamer sounds gorgeous!
  12. Thanks!! I actually got it for christmas. I didn't choose the black and gray one though..i ended up choosing the other color (gold sequins pinkinsh velour). I love it soo much!
  13. Ooooh I've seen that one before! That's good a choice! Loves!
  14. My husband uses it. Smells great!
  15. i am gonna get a key ring...and some cute bow earrings.
    i hate the fact that the key rings fall apart or get scratched up so fast...they are 40-80 bucks a pop, and i've gone through 3 already in only a month.

    but the girls at work love it when they see my key chains, so i'm gonna get another one...gonna avoid the gold plate this time.......
    wish me luck!

    i just got a messenger bag, a black charm bracelet, and a couple of pants and zip up hoodie, and a couple of other cute trinkets...
    i loveeeee the shopping bags, i think that is what keeps me coming back!