What's your next Chloe bag gonna be?

  1. I am currently pining for a light colored paddington in one of the cream shades. Ideally not a paddy satchel, but a pocket paddy, or a bouler, or loaf, etc.

    What about you? What's next? What are you pining for?
  2. the next one i'm getting is another python silverado;) :heart: I can't wait to wear it in the summertime!!
  3. I want a regular paddy in a light cream or neutral tan.
    Trying to decide the best place to get it.:idea:
  4. I'm currently waiting on a Bay tote in Moka.

    But I'm already eyeing off a medium Paddy - I like the natural tan-type colours, maybe Canelle?
  5. I want a betty! :hysteric:

    Black, black patent or metallic :drool:
  6. :s I can't choose, I want them all!!!!!
    Well, I have to wait before buying another bag, but I'd love a whiskey or muscade, or even tan Paddy...
    But I'd also like a mais baby paddy... but I'd also like a grenat paddy!!! OMG! :upsidedown: Maybe my fiancè is right... this forum has got a bad influence on me.. ;)
  7. Any Chloe I come across at a great price:yes:
  8. i'm dying to get my hands on a light cream colored paddington too! hmmm maybe next month :graucho:
  9. :heart: Medium size quilted bay bag~
  10. Side pocket paddy, on it's way:woohoo:
  11. I'm tempted to get another Bay, and keep looking at the black quilted and the black patent regular Bays. But I want to hold out for one of the fall, different Bay incarnations.
  12. I've been searching FOREVER for a Taupe Paddy satchel....no luck so far. :crybaby:
  13. I'm new to Chloe (I've mostly hung out in the Bal thread). However, I hope my first will be a small moka bay with strap (if I can find a good deal).
  14. oh i am so DYING for a muscade edith.. perhaps a loaf or a classic. but currently on a purse ban! so i could only wish!! :heart: