What's your next Bag?

  1. That you want to buy...
    I think I want RM MA:yahoo:
  2. I'm waiting for my Cherry Botkier Bianca in the mail. Can't wait!
  3. I am patiently awaiting for my Hype Everest Satchel to arrive (hopefully sometime next week!!!!) :wlae:
  4. NICE!! My mistake in wording tho- what is the next bag you want??
  5. Ohhhh....LoL

    Well since I just bought two (within a week from each other) I think I am going to wait until at least October to make my next purchase!!!

  6. I just bought a Zac Posen Aurora frame bag and Givenchy Nightingale. I'd love the Miu Miu bow satchel as well but I guess I have to wait and save some money first.
  7. the next bag I want is a gorgeous MJ Karen in black leather I saw at Saks last week. I didn't know it came in black and have not seen one anywhere else
  8. my next bag will be the neo cabby in black.
  9. ^^^ Mine also an LV... Speedy 35 and maybe also a Pochette
  10. I want the Anna Corinna Jetsetter in Crackled Black or Glazed Black.
  11. I just got the Jr in Crackled black,. love it
  12. Balenciaga day (no color preference yet)
  13. im waiting for my moni moni splendour bag in caramel! but i want my next bag to be the moni moni socialite in red...but if i save hard i want the miu miu bow satchel!
  14. Hopefully a Chanel GST or Classic Flap. :smile:
  15. ^I'm with you. :smile: I really want something Chanel. If I can get the money together, I'd love a black caviar Jumbo, or a GST..or maybe a baby cabas..too many bags, too little cash. *sigh*