What's your next bag purchase?

  1. Spring's here and I've got my eye on an Hermes canvas tote.

    What about you? :graucho:
  2. Well my next big purchase is several months away at least, not for spring. So I'd say a black Chanel caviar flap in small or mini for evening bag or a bBag black first.
  3. Actually my next purchase will probably be an inexpensive trendy type bag from Macy's.
  4. Ooh yes, a bBag, that MAY take priority on my list too... :p
  5. Chanel Classic / Reissue Flap! In any color besides black!
  6. I want the Louis Vuitton Street GM in red, white and blue. I don't care if it's marketed to women. I want it. Problem is I just got myself a Goyard Ambassade in white. :nuts:
  7. I'm probably going to get a Miu Miu- not sure which style yet tho.... I put myself on Purse Ban til June 1- I reorganized and have just waaaaay too many... I need to have a "girly garage sale" or SOMETHING !!!
  8. i'm getting another balenciaga weekender :yes:
  9. Probably a Bottega Veneta large woven hobo or another bag from Hermès.
  10. I really want a Chloe Betty hobo. But I'm a student and unless I get a job it's not happening. So realistically, probably something like a Francesco Biasia or Hayden Harnett. I need a good everyday bag - been looking for one for months and can't make my mind up.
  11. I need a new wallet first but my next bag purchase will probably be the mini lin speedy in ebene color.
  12. Either a straw clutch or a balenciaga coin purse. I think I have all the bags I need for right now, so I'm on to fun accessories or something small.
  13. I think mine will be one of the new Bulgas -- but I'm waiting until they start to be discounted...
  14. I NEED a black bag..just got an email from coach & I LOVE the ergo collection. I've been not into coach for a few yrs now, but I may have check out this collection!
  15. I think I am done with buying bags for a while but I am on the market for a new wallet.