What's your next bag going to be?

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  1. pixie01 - He's grown some since that photo - he was only 11 weeks there - and is now almost 5 months - and he is handsome - and his breeder is stunned by him - she thought he was nice..............but now she is devastated - she kept his brother Valdai as he is a Classic Tabby - which is what she wanted - but Altai is much better - but she is very sweet - Russian - and the nicest person you can imagine. I'm lucky to have two of her cats and her now as a friend.:yes:
  2. My next purchase is hopefully going to be a Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Alluminio (dreaming) or fumo.... lets wait and see :biggrin:

    Then im getting a Balenciaga Sapphire 08 - think i will have to pay retail unfortunately as they are new so cant see many popping up on eBay.
  3. Princess_lydz - definitely seen Sapphire on EBay - worth checking - although right now there aren't a lot of BBags listed (check worldwide) I think there is a 'purge' going on at EBay.:yes:
  4. They do - I just snapped one up.
  5. My next purchase...I'm really hoping for an Edith hobo! That's the only bag I can think of that I really want right now. :whistle:
  6. Oh Lescoy, your kitties are just so fabulous.

    Back to topic... I'm holding out for a small Chloe Betty.

    Maria, there were no Parati's in Sacoche, but a lot of python Heloises. The blue was divine.
  7. Hi everyone! It's my first time on the Chloe forum. My next bag is a python Silverado that I got from alover tPFer. I can't wait! After that, I have 2 Gerard Darel pythons due (I'm on a python kick lately), and a Prada Fairy.

  8. WElcome to this corner of tPF!
    A python Silverado sounds very good... PLease, post pics when you get her!

  9. I see... The blue Heli is intriguing me...

    I wonder when they will send another of their (ir)regular emails with sale stuff and new collection items...
  10. Cool which style did you get? Im wanting the part-time. It a bargain or near retail?
  11. I dont think there are bargains to be found when it comes to Bbags:nogood:... they can be cheaper than ebay average or near retail:sad:... especially in the new colours or old popular colours:Push:... Blimey!:crybaby:
  12. There have been some good prices on BBags on EBay - even on the newer colours - but they seem to be drying up. :yes: Definitely worth watching though - as you can be lucky:tup:
  13. purseinsanity - Hi there - nice to see you here - and hope you love your python Silverado when she arrives - we'll all be waiting to see her:yes:
  14. Welcome to the Chloe forum, the girls on here are fab, great for advice and a general old chat. Hope you have fun here.:yahoo:
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