What's your next bag going to be?

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  1. I'd go for regular flights for the time being... Too many accident-prone airplanes lately everywhere... mind you, i'll be flying easyjet to Ibiza in September...

    In any case, my clever little brain would find a way to check ebay and log in here... i could always bribe my children and have them turn the computer on... the mere mention of chocolate would work wonders...
  2. mariabdc - Ok - so I could drive - and then I could bring Chloe with me:wlae:
  3. The mere mention of Chloe and Juan has returned instantly from the mountains...

    He reckons you should do something about my ban, you shouldnt fly and you should bring someone nice and furry to keep you company....
  4. my wishlist is getting out of control, lol
    since i saw BMB's large snap paddy i want one, also would love a violet part time bbag, day, city in a green shade and a plum heloise, there, got it off my chest
  5. when you start thinking about it you real of a whole list dont you!
  6. Well, I don't have a 'wishlist' I've too many bags in their dustbags and in their boxes which I've never used - and so I suppose its crazy to buy more - but the temptation is always there - :graucho: I've just seen a couple this morning which I'm thinking..............well...............I could:rolleyes:
  7. :shrugs:Well, my wishlist is cancelled for the time being
  8. oh why^^^
  9. ive said this before but you really need to get them bad boys out and post some pics!!
  10. bmb, I'll pm you.
  11. bag*mad*bags - I know - right now I'm spending a lot of time arranging Cat Shows - and cat related matters - that I never seem to have time to do any photos. I'm flipping a coin to see if I really want to travel to Maidstone with the boys - but Bracknell was one thing - and Maidstone is just one step further.:rolleyes: As the baby was shown for the first time in Bracknell and won in 12 rings out of 12 I need to try and keep him 'in the ring' as he is Number 7 in the World after the one Show - but the Americans have shows every week - so it won't be easy to keep him there. Likewise my Kirov is 7 in the neuter standings in the World - and again - the guys in US and Japan are showing every week more or less - so we lose out because of where we live. :sad:
  12. oh congrats!!!!
    well done!
  13. Well done Lesley and Kirov:heart: Please post another pick of him, I bet he's all grown up now;)
  14. pixie01 - thanks - yes Kirov is confirmed Triple Grand Champion Alter - but has now attained Quad - and Altai - well he is just a baby - so doesn't get a title.:sad:
  15. just saw Altai in your profile, so handsome:heart: